Worth Nurturing

Let it be fun!

Time for another offering to my tribe. I had thought that I would have this lovely spreadsheet with the next six months worth of post ideas  written down but that is so just not how I operate. Yet.

That is changing. Slowly.

We are coming up on one year of writing every week (minus the three I took off at the turn of the year) This past year it was all about showing up and connecting with you every single week. This year that is expanding. It is still about showing up and connecting. It is also about building usable information into the posts in a deliberate way.

There is something to be said for planning out the framework of what you hope to create over the three to five years. Particularly at the beginning of the life of your  business. First you have to decide it HAS a life worth nurturing. That is where I am right now. This thing that I have done one baby step at a time has a life of its own and it is worth nurturing.

I know that because when I go to my about page and read it, I am inspired by my why.  By what I hope to create.  Again. That blows my mind. It also lights a fire in me to put the rest of the map to words and read those words. Often.

Map out the path you hope that your business takes and then turn it over to the Divine … because really?

The business belongs to the Divine … the business is not “mine”.

This sounds a little nebulous and foofoo, and it is anything but. The path you map out can be very detailed. As detailed as your personality type needs it to be. The more detailed the better as long as the detail does not derail you. I’m one of those.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the detail.  Just don’t. It’s only detail that will be taken care of step by step as it is offered.

Map it out in whatever way works for you and then turn it over the the Divine.

Better still, offer the mapping process. “Divine Beloved, do this through me … with me.  Let me get out of my own way.  Let me get out of my own way.  Let me not argue with every tiny little idea. Let it delight me from the inside out. Let it be easy. Let it be FUN!”

That helps me keep it light. It helps me remember that I do this because it’s fun, and I love to create.

I’m learning to see the mapping process as flexible structure.

A framework that I’m putting around the business that allows it to grow and expand without getting my getting mired in necessary detail. And, I am learning that the baby steps I do take are the ones that matter.  So for me, with the writing for the website,  a baby step would be brainstorming the general content I’d like to write about each week, putting it into either a spread sheet or a list that I refer to often. Several times a week.

It would then be asking myself “What information am I hoping to communicate here?”

The next piece is, again, turning it over to the Divine and saying “Write through me.  Let me be the vehicle through which this happens and let it touch the ones it is being written for.  I am Yours.  You are mine.  We are One.”


That is my favorite way to write.  

It is my favorite way to work.

It is my favorite way to live.

Let me remember


Let me remember .