Worry and Stress as Friendly Course Correctors


I lost contact with my deep internal guidance system for a bit. Or did I? It might be more accurate to say I left alignment with my deep internal guidance system this past couple weeks by allowing myself to become completely wrapped around the axle of worry and stress because  it is how I have always done endings … and I am coming up on an ending as I complete this website.

I am getting ready to turn it over to its owners, and it would seem that nothing in the process is going to plan. It should have been migrated by now. I have done everything I can to ensure that that occurred by  the intended launch date.  And still, I wait for the email that says migration complete. I can feel that it is almost here. Then I can get to do the couple tiny little things that need to be different and complete the url redirects that I will need to complete to have it visitor ready at its new home.

The state of worry and stress is familiar … I have been identifying myself AS that state worry and stress for years. I know how to behave when in that state. I know what to expect when in that state. It is a place I have unconsciously believed I need to be in to be successful … All the while saying with my conscious words that I want it to be different!

Does anyone relate to this??? Anyone at all?

My feelings are my internal guidance system. They are always there.  The state of worry and stress are pretty clear indicators that I have stepped onto the track of trying to make it happen no matter what rather than flowing with what is showing up and allowing that flow.  So is the state of beating myself up for being in the state of worry and stress because my conscious mind “knows better”. Guilt. Self flagellation. That is not useful other than to show me that I am off track. Once I get the message the simple message , I can navigate back to flow in whatever way works for me.

One of my favorite ways is to stare out my office window at the trees directly in front of me.  There is beauty, calm, allowing of flow right in front of my eyes, showing me how if I can allow that and on a gray sky day no less!!

I am excited! This time of waiting has allowed me to come to a place of deep satisfaction with what has birthed out of the collaboration … both visibly – the website – and invisibly in me. I am looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Mean time, I would LOVE to read how you get yourself back into alignment with You.  Let me know in the comments below!