It's Here!!! (Almost)


I belong to two groups that totally feed and nourish my soul. One of them is the Web Designer Beauty School Support Group. It feeds that place in me that wants to create beauty in all that I do.  This powerful group of women is committed to creating and learning to create beautiful websites and supporting each other in the process.  It is joy!

We have been waiting for the reveal of the Web Designer Beauty School.

Katy Martin and Krista Smith, founders of the school,  started as the “support gurus”  for another course where many of us in the group  started.  That course is no longer being offered. (and even if it was, these two have taken the goodness of the course no longer offered to a level above the next level)

They have nurtured us in our fledgling states and taught us  through every currently imaginable question there is about creating web design, SEO, client care, self care via the group and video instruction. No question is too small. In the process of answering the questions raised, Krista and Katy share their thought process teaching us how to think it through. That is priceless!

The wait is over!!!


The school launches October 18th!  If you have ever felt a secret (or not so secret) desire to create a beautiful (and functional) website ( or many beautiful and functional websites)  but you don’t know a lick of code or the right words to use to even formulate your questions, or if you have felt  frustrated by point-and-click creation options not looking even close to the way your heart sees your website no matter how you tweak it, these are the women to learn from!

Please check it out!


Even if you have no intention of learning web design, this landing page is a beautiful example of how to create a sales page that draws the reader in. Indulge! Give yourself the experience of this page.

No, this is not an affiliate link. (Not saying it won’t be in the future. I believe in what these two are doing!) This is my heartfelt expression of deep appreciation for the expression of Katy and Krista’s dream and how much that has meant for me!

I still feel like the slow kid on the block, and I am still ok with that.

Please share this with your people by clicking on the icons to the left (or below if you are on a mobile device). It is a game changer for those of us who may or may not be late to the tech world and for the ones who have always been in that game and want to up their participation in it!