Clarity – Until It's Second Nature

Until It's Second Nature

My word, my focus for this year, made itself very clear one morning a couple weeks ago.  It brings the past 28 years into sharp focus and gives me a clear path through.

The word?  Clarity.

Clarity brings me into the passion and vitality  of my Inner Being, my Divine Beloved. Clarity means I am fully aligned with my Inner Being (my Beloved) as I live from THAT space. My Inner Being always knows the path of least resistance to wherever it is we are headed. It is sweet peace to surrender into that.

Can you imagine a world where everyone lived in clear alignment with Source?  Where each in our own way, we are enslaved to Love itself?  Bliss! (Because to me, clarity is another word for enslaved to Love.  The mind enslaved to the heart … the mind and heart living in deep union.


As I breathe into my part in that world, I hear this from my Beloved:

Let me lead you through the fog of your beliefs.  Around the blocks you’ve set up to allowing yourself to flourish NOW … in this moment …You really do have everything you need at your fingertips.  You ARE an extension of Source Energy and you are designed to flourish in this system you have chosen to express in. You know this. You have always known this. You chose your family BECAUSE you wanted to create beyond the belief system of your birth.


I surrender into those words, letting them wash over me, allowing clarity to be evoked from deep within.

On a practical level this looks like releasing resistance to the glitches in my website creation process. You know. Like when I update a site to the newest version of everything to keep it running smoothly and it STOPS running smoothly. Oh and I am traveling all day the next day.

Resistance is about creating worst case scenarios in my mind or beating myself up for choosing to do the update in THAT moment.

Releasing resistance allows the easiest solution to bubble up in its own time, trusting that it will (and it always does). Releasing resistance is about acceptance of what is Now.  No pushing for it to be different. Simple allowing.

In the case of the website glitch, allowing the words needed to request support from the DIYThemes support staff initiated the simple solution to the glitches Friday. The glitches are now gone, and I have strong backups.

Every time I trust the way of it, my trust in the process grows exponentially, and the “second nature” trust factor becomes stronger.

To clarity.  In every dimension of our experience.