Unplugged Appreciation


I arrived home a few hours ago from a magical time spent with my siblings and their families. On the heels of a few days filled with laughter and connection, I sit here, wondering what to share with you all.

I had hoped to have a ton of photos to share with you … as always, I get lost in the moment, caught up in what we are doing rather than snapping photos … maybe one day?  I don’t know about that… this gung ho first day of photos and then nothing … that seems to be my mode.

I tend to return from these gatherings comparing my life, my accomplishments with the varied and fascinating accomplishments of each person there.

Today, I make a different choice.

Today I sit in appreciation for my life exactly as it is. Now.

Here is a snippet of that list.

  • The empty apartment I came home to. It is my sanctuary and every time I go away I return with deeper appreciation for the space that I call mine.
  • My children who know how to take care of their needs and make choices that honor those needs.
  • Coffee.
  • Technology.
  • Quiet.
  • Creativity.
  • The generosity of my family.
  • Love.
  • My brother Tom, his love of risk, and his willingness to share that with me. Speedboats rock!
  • My health. 5 years ago there could have been no crazy speedboat rides!
  • Solitude.
  • Quiet mornings before everyone gets up.
  • My brother Mark and his willingness to meet me in my fear of driving winding mountains roads by driving my car 67 miles to the freeway!
  • My bathtub and hot baths.
  • My very cozy bed.
  • My brother Bruce and his steady, stable love. Every day.
  • Nature.
  • Creature comforts.
  • City noise.
  • Total silence.
  • My sister Hannah and her deep commitment to loving all in her world. And for her crazy creative cooking! I come away with new food ideas every time we are together.
  • My daily routine. (which is never written in stone.)
  • Belly laughter. The kind that leaves you feeling like your abs got the best workout ever. (That happened at least 20 times in the course of three days!)
  • Movement.
  • My yoga mat.
  • Speedboats. At high speed!
  • Great food.
  • Friends.
  • My parents and the shift in relationship as the blocks to love are peeled away and all that is left is love.

Last and not least, each one of you. Thank you for showing up here each week.  Next week I’ll share with you some of my favorite  web site resources .

Until then, Joy and much love to you!

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