Trust and Deeper Surrender



I am blown away just a bit how following my internal timing mechanism allows me to hear the content of a course I am doing  in perfect timing for me.   I was not drawn to listen to the video content until this morning(Thursday) and holy cow!! The lesson was on trust.

 Significant because?

Wednesday I had a RSM (Retracing Sequence Method) session. In a nutshell RSM is a very powerful method for accessing the unconscious core negative beliefs that drive our train, the ones we react out of before we know it. The last session I had was in early March and I have not been drawn to have another one until now. I am on the very last part of my RSM road and rather than pushing  to make the shifts happen all at one time,  I am choosing to trust my inner timing.

The session was all about trust and the beliefs that I have used to block myself from fully trusting the existing One.  My Creator.  My Source. The focus for the place that I am in the journey is based on Proverbs 3:5 in christian scripture.

“Trust in the Lord [the existing One] with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.” (And I cannot – well don’t want or choose to) just focus on that particular piece of christian scripture without also remembering verse 6 in all your ways [habits of thinking] acknowledge [the existing One] and [It] will make straight your paths.”

The most exciting part of those two verses is the understanding I have gleaned about the word “acknowledge” . It is rooted in the Hebrew word ‘yada’ which is a word for the deepest possible intimacy … so …. come from the place of deep intimacy with the existing One (the deepest level of trust – which I believe continues to reveal itself to us) and It — Life —-  will make straight your paths.

I LOVE recognizing the “not yet” internal guidance and choosing to flow with it rather than fighting it. I also love the times I see the why of the not yet. They occur for me with greater and greater regularity.

This week I’ve had several occurrences of that with conversations I’ve wanted to start, and didn’t because there was a very clear “not now”, so clear actually that the words didn’t flow in a way that felt good to share. A few days later something would show up or occur that made the why clear to me. The contents of this specific video were a part of that. My heart is filled with gratitude in those moments and for those moments.

This seems to be the week of a very deep testing of the level of trust I say I want. I had no idea of the level of passion I feel for the work that is being birthed out of this mode of creation that I have fallen in love with! This is turning out to be a broad spectrum journey of passionate discovery !! Feeling deep appreciation for that broad spectrum of passionate feeling! Even when the feelings are excruciatingly painful.

Trust in the existing One, in whom we live.  We move. We have our Being.

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Blessings and deep love to you!

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