The Heart Knows

The heart knows

The Heart Knows.

There’s a place in the heart that knows without knowing how it knows. It simply knows. I call it the deep heart.

I’ve often said the words “My head knows but my heart hasn’t caught up yet.”

It could be about anything. It could be about a relationship, it could be about a group of relationships, almost always about relationship to something or someone or a group of someones because that’s what life is. Life is relationship with everything and everyone around us.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life waiting for what’s in my head to sink deep into my heart and for my heart then to acquiesce to what the head knows. Sometimes it feels like that happens and it feels aligned. Mostly it doesn’t.  There is such a longing for the heart and the head to connect, to be in alignment.

Could I have it backwards?

For the last several months, I have (again) become strongly and sometimes painfully aware of the thoughts, the numerous thoughts that bop around in my brain, the constant yammering, the little voices that constantly second-guess the Deep knowings. They are the voices that tell me (no matter what I’m doing) that I should be doing something else if I want to be successful, happy, content, in love, loved … fill in that blank.

Those voices, when I bring them into my heart, and shower them with silent Love, go still, silent.

Think about that for a moment.

The voices, when I bring them into my heart go silent. They move from the place of noise in the head to the silence of the heart and go silent.

It would appear that it’s not the heart that needs to catch up with the head. It’s the other way around! It isn’t the heart acquiescing to the mind at all. It is the mind surrendering into the heart. I’ve had it backwards!

The reticular activating system in the brain is doing exactly what it is designed to do: filter information and let through only what it perceives as safe for the entire physical unit.

But the heart? The deep heart knows that it’s all safe no matter how it feels.  It includes all. The deep heart connects all. It is the seat of Love. The deep heart Knows.

Go well this week and in whatever way feels honoring to you, allow the clamor in your mind to drop into your heart. Explore. The results may surprise you.


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