Surrender Into Deep Freeze (aka Stillness)

Snow Falling

I spent some time  Saturday morning journaling about the positive aspects of icy roads, feeling stuck at home and solitude bordering at times on isolation.

If everything is always working out for me (and it is) the roads should be clear so I can drive on them, dammit! Isolation isn’t good for me! Everyone knows that! And I have things to do and a dance to be danced and this weather is interfering.

I had already made sure I had food for the next few days, just in case. I saw the predictions of freezing rain, a condition I’ve garnered enough fear  momentum around making  it unwise to go against without some softening first.

Sometimes (maybe always) it’s best to let where you are be ok.

I love my ecstatic dance community and even that love did not override the driving on icy roads fear. I know myself well enough to know that right now (not forever, I have faith in my capacity cultivate a different focus) my attention would have been split between the dance and the fear of driving home.

Maybe one day, I’ll be ok with asking for a ride on days like this?

It was interesting reverie that allowed me to sink into the pure beauty of the moment and stay there for some time … to drop out of my snow stories, out of the fear of isolation stories and simply remain present to what was making itself known this moment.

I settled into my choice to stay in. I settled in even deeper by allowing myself to revel in the beauty of the snow … perhaps for the first time this season.

Nothing to do, nothing to overcome, nothing to prove to anyone, including myself.

A simple allowing of winter to be winter and me to be me in it.

Nothing to do.

Nothing to overcome.

Nothing to prove to anyone, not even (especially?) myself.

Just a gentle allowing of the beauty, the peace, the stillness of the white blanket.

A simple allowing of winter to be winter and me to be me in it.


A stillness all of its own.

Gestating. With no help from me.

What is birthing itself through me this winter?

What is birthing itself through you this winter?
Comment below and tell me if you’d like. I’d love to know!

In love and unbounded JOY!


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