Summer Favorites and Staying Receptive

It is my favorite season of the year! This place of spring into summer, building up to the longest day, when I get to wake up really early and have it be light outside, when I get to open my door and let in all the outside light starting at the very beginning of my day. The door to my home is wide open much of the time.

And, yes!! This is also the season of the NBA finals!! Playoffs are over.  It’s truth time. Who will carry away the trophy this year? I often do not know which team will elicit the screaming and jumping off my couch in ecstasy with every basket made. It sometimes doesn’t make itself known until the finals. Last year my heart was with the San Antonio Spurs when all was said and done. I’ve loved watching them over the course of their championship runs!

This year it became very clear to me at the beginning of the playoffs that my heart is with the Golden State Warriors when they won the right to move on from San Antonio. It was bittersweet, as change can be.   The heart wants what the heart wants and I’m liking it.  It is time for a changing of the guard.

It is time for a changing of the guard … (now I see where this is going) … It is time for a changing of the guard from the place of driving, pushing, striving to get it done, to make it happen!  Dare I say it is time for  a removal of the guard altogether allowing for the space of relaxed anticipation? (Have you all watched Stephan Curry play?  It repeatedly blows my mind at how relaxed he looks and feels.  The guy doesn’t seem to be at all wound up!! )

Do everything you know to do to bring about the physical expression of your dream so that when it arrives it is second nature to receive it. Then put yourself in receptive mode.

A few weeks ago I went through my first client site migration process. I didn’t do the actual migration. That will come later and, I will practice on a dummy site or two before I do it “live”. The process of getting the  site migrated took longer than I think it should have. My communication, for all the care I put into making sure that I covered all possible scenarios of misunderstanding, did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.

When the site finally moved to the client’s server, I went to log in.  I could not get in! It was the end of the day, I had been up to Portland and back to hang out for a bit with my daughter. I was exhausted, and truthfully, ready for this experience to be over!  I was wound up and quite tight … the antithesis of relaxed anticipation.

I did some research to see what could be done about it, reserving calling the host for morning when I could speak clearly, calmly and in a straight line minus any irrelevant back story. What was showing up in the research felt so far out of my league and I began to think a series of thoughts like wtf makes me think I can create websites for people anyway!!! It devolved from there and internal panic ensued.

Simultaneously, the voice of deeper reason within, the voice of True Love, reminded me, repeatedly, that I’ll call in the morning when I am fresh … and that I have access to everything I need to know to get this done.

Middle of the night at the height of my “freak out” I did a Change Me Prayer .. I don’t remember the exact words … something along the lines of

“Change me, shift me, Divine Beloved into one who knows at the deepest level that you have my back, that I know exactly what I need to know when I need to know it … at all times. Let me trust … this business is yours. My client’s website is yours. You know.”

I got on the phone the next morning and spoke to Robert at Green Geeks. That man has taught me much about the power of less is more. Within several minutes the problem was solved and I was in the back end of my client’s site and doing the last bit of my part of the transfer process. It was simple, it was smooth and as promised, I knew what I needed to know when I needed to know it to get the job done.


“I look with wonder at that which is before me”  Florence Scovill Schinn


My current reset words.  They snap me out of the lower frequencies much of the time.

How do you push reset in the midst of middle of the night panic?

How do you prepare and then relax into receiving mode?

Tell me in the comments.


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