One More Time – How Can This Be Easy?

Four pairs of brightly colored flip flops on sand with words "How can this be easy?'

Continuing in the how can this be easy vein, I had a delightful experience of ease this week with  one of my clients.  She has genuinely been too busy to focus on completing her website and while the stop-start timing has felt disjointed for me and it is not something I care to repeat, (I now have mechanisms built into my client agreements that  discourage repeated halting of the creation process that I did not have when she hired me), timing is everything!

She reached out to me this week and shared that she is ready to proceed. In this instance, the almost year and a half that we have been dancing this dance has given her a foundational understanding of what her website needs to (and can) do for her. She completed the Integrative Institute for Nutrition earlier this month and uses a powerful inner healing tool to facilitate the removal of internal blocks to her clients’ connection with true Love. The two work together beautifully.

The overriding question as I prepared to return her phone call Friday morning was “How can this be easy?” It wasn’t feeling particularly easy.

How can this be easy for us both? How can it be fun for us both? How can I facilitate that process?

Part of what IIN provides is a business website for those going through the program.

It turns out that IIN’s  website platform has a large content base that is included with the tuition for the program. So rather than her starting from content scratch,  I will be working within that framework and helping her set that up because she paid me a year ago. I’ve wanted to get this website off my plate because it feels like it’s been hanging on for a very long time.

And now she will have a website that has content and recipes that she will not have to create on her own. That actually works well for her so I will set it up and create her website in that framework within limits built into a templated system.

The language of websites is not foreign to me – I may even be able to add some styling unique to her – It’s completely foreign to her. Feels like the easy solution and potentially a ton of fun. I get to play in a new system, she gets a new site complete with accessible content for those moments when her has not had a chance to create her own.

Part of what created the ability in me to receive ease was the result of following the breadcrumbs last week in the convoluted way that they showed up (so I would actually receive the message!!) I used one of the tools that I learned connecting with the beautiful human I had the privilege of sharing my space with for the Sufi Dance Retreat.

I love the way of it!! We had deep conversation, and met a fellow tribe member in each other. I came away with several tools – one of them is a process called Faster EFT. I’ve been playing with it a little bit off and on all week.

For the  past 3 mornings,  I’ve  spent some concentrated time in the morning tapping on  whatever shows up. It turns out it’s been about giving up the struggle. I give up the  struggle. I give in to satisfaction. I  release the struggle against life, the struggle with life.  I embrace ease. I embrace satisfaction. I embrace contentment.  I allow ease. I allow satisfaction. I allow contentment.

As soon as I said the words I give up the struggle against Life. I give in to satisfaction, I felt the resistance held in various places in my body melt. For me the words “give up” and “give in” were key.  And as you’ll learn from this video, the words are not as important as tuning into the sensation and tapping to that.

Even the act of saying those words now as I’m talking into my phone writing the first draft of this, the words “I give up the struggle against life. I give in to satisfaction. I give in to ease.  I give in to contentment.” elicit a sensation of physical release and once again, I know I am onto something powerful and deeply shifting.

Essentially I spent the new moon day tapping that on and off on throughout the day.
As I felt a different layer of resistance come up, I would tap – the resistance has so many faces! it has the face of fear, the face of resentment.  It has the face of rejection, the face of sadness, dread. So many faces.

Yet, when I strip each nuance away to essence, it translates as struggle. The nuance, the flavor of the struggle is interesting was not at all germane to the releasing of it, to the giving up of it. What is germane is simply tapping “I give up struggle with life, I give in to satisfaction,  to well-being, to contentment, to ease and then allowing the feeling of the giving in to permeate all of my cells.

Leads me to the awareness that all resistance is at its heart, struggle.

How can this be easy?

First and foremost, give up the struggle and give in to the ease.

Then simply allow the answers to show up as they will.  They always do.

Below are two links to information on Faster EFT  available on YouTube.