Slow Down. Get Curious.

Kid peeking through fence - get curious

Try not to sink into habitual sadness at the first hint of it.

Instead, get curious.
Notice the sensation of sadness for what it is: an indicator.
Begin to question it.

Notice instead that you could simply sink into your heart, into love.
No matter what else wants its voice. Notice that first! Notice that.

And then, breathe in the feeling of sadness.
Breathe it in and breathe into it. Both.
Give the sensation room to expand,
to become something else that constriction around it does not give space for.

Notice that you can choose to change the tone of your thinking.

Notice that the thinking habit,
the habituated return to the sensation of sadness doesn’t have to drive everything …

Notice what happens when you remember, my darling One,
that you are an extension of Source Energy,
that you have never been separate, that you are always worthy.

Always worthy and in all ways, worthy.

Notice that the power that creates worlds pulses through your fingers.
Yours. It isn’t just something that happens to someone else. It’s for you.

Notice it. Drink in the sensation.
Allow your cells to hold it viscerally,
creating a reference point, a feeling frame of reference.

This  becomes fun to play with.
Noticing the point of choice.
Distilling it into one thought, generating one sensation,
or another thought, generating quite a different more pleasant sensation.

Which one seems to hold more sway?
Which one will you choose?
Does it even feel like you have a choice?

Either sensation is just that. A sensation.
Not a reflection of who you are,
not a reflection of your worthiness, loveability.
Just a sensation that you are habituated to or not.

And habits can be shifted, even habits of feeling.

Could you practice with staying present
to the more pleasant sensation
for longer and longer periods,
noticing what shows up trying to usurp the pleasant sensations,

Breathing it in and breathing into it, that usurper,
Opening instead of constricting.

Making room for Love to move slowly into that which would pinch itself off.


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