Peace, Deep Joy and Satisfaction


I did it!!

I pushed play and shipped Love Deep Design to the world this week!

I have never felt anything quite this satisfying!

My website meets my criteria for how I want to feel when I am working in it, when I look at it.

Instead of coming  back to it and cringing because it isn’t quite right, I keep coming back to it and feeling inspired to expand the framework to include all that I hope to offer. That is such a different experience for me!!

And to some who have seen it, and explored a little, it meets the criteria  I established within myself for your experience here.

Here is what I wrote as I was dreaming this space into being.


I had an beautiful conversation with Amazawa Sha [ a few months ago] where I expressed what I’m hoping people will experience when they visit my websites … deep and unconditional peace in the midst of whatever is going on, particularly the site that I am creating around the creation of websites. It feels so important to me to create an oasis of creation energy that does not blast the visitor rather allows them to discover what it is they want in their site, from a place of peace, deep joy, so that we can create it together from the place of Love.

It looks like people perhaps feeling a bit frenzied when they arrive and a little less so after visiting. It looks like a return visit, just because it felt so good to be here. Perhaps a query in the form of answered questionnaire, and perhaps from there, a connection and a new client. Or maybe that visitor simply carries a little more peace into their immediate universe because they were here.

What I know now is that as I cultivate the frequencies, the behavioral intelligence that are expressed in the 6 heart virtues (appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, valor ) give rise to behaviors that are in coherence, in alignment with Love. As I intentionally access those frequencies in my work , they are embedded into what I do … what I create. Love Deeply Rooted. Love Deep Design. The substance that is love is embedded in the websites I co-create with my clients .

Have you noticed that deep joy … the joy that bubbles up from way within … is peaceful. It is peaceful no matter what is going on.

Please take a little time to poke around and explore if you are drawn to do so.  Thank you for sharing in the evolution of this space with me.

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