Web Designer Rite of Passage

Web Designer Rite of Passage

What a week! Oh my goodness! I went through a web designer rite of passage over the past couple days. Truth be told it’s been over the past two weeks. Last week I changed hosts. This week I did an update (and was immensely thankful for the change of hosts when the update did not go as I had hoped).

I updated my wordpress theme (Thesis) to keep it current.

It was one of the bigger updates and as can happen with those sometimes, the website stopped looking pretty. All of my customizations appeared to be gone. Better than the “white screen of death” (which did occur in the problem solving process) and still a problem.

Yesterday was the crowning moment for me as I, with the help of the tech people … actually one tech person who calls themself  Godhammer …  brought the design customizations back online.

I started Wednesday evening by doing the one thing I knew to do, the thing I had done that last time I experienced this with another site. That did not help other than ruling itself out as a solution. Step one.

And the fun began!

The troubleshooting process of elimination , not so different from the nursing process, as I think about it. Start with the simplest solution and work your up  from there.

The first (and most important) thing I had to do was to step out of panic and stop taking it personally. Shit happens. Sites break. That allowed  me to hear the solutions as they showed up. I knew there was a solution. There always is.

Next, I asked for help.

I asked for help in the Web Designer Beauty School Support forum and in in the DIY Themes support system. I got an answer from one of the support school members. Step two. One less step. It was a necessary step and not the solution.

In this process I read everything in the DIY themes basic knowledge base that might have something to do with the situation.

I educated myself.

When the answers supplied  did not solve the problem, I continued to educate myself. I know things now that I would not have known. Truthfully I kept hoping that I would read something … anything … that would keep me from having to ask more questions in the DIY support forum or in tech support. (I hate looking stupid).

THAT didn’t happen!

Friday was a series of communication between myself and the Thesis support person known only as Godhammer … At first I felt intimidated by how much they knew and how much I did NOT know. I may or may not have felt intimidated by the name Godhammer. That ended quickly as I remembered to breathe and tap into my inner Authority. Feeling intimidated was not in my best interest and I worked at being as clear as I could, staying calm and implementing solutions as they were offered.

This process of information gathering is not so different from collecting the information needed before communicating with physicians in my former life as a nurse. Interesting! Now I am laughing! You can run but you can’t hide as “they” say.

Through this experience, I graduated into a level of comfort with asking questions in a new venue. By acknowledging the feeling of intimidation, refusing to worry about what the person on the other end may or may not be thinking about my skill level, and letting myself learn, I opened a new set of doors for myself that are essential for growing as a web designer/developer.

I took what I learned and posted it in the Web Designer Beauty School support forum. It may or may not save someone some time. And writing it down, sharing it, helps seal the learning.

I am excited! I love the learning process! And I particularly love seeing the threads that weave the many and varied experiences of life together.

Joy to you all and much love

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