Right or Wrong Doesn't Matter


So here’s what I’m noticing. I wake up in the morning and it feels good to get out of bed. It is easy to hold myself in a feel good place.


This morning I woke up knowing that the only thing that’s important is to be Love Itself in the midst of absolutely everything. I know this. To my bones. To the core of my being. I can ascertain where I am on that scale by how I feel.


I remember my mama mocking feelings (I love you Mom!) as if they have no bearing on anything. I was trained into you can’t judge anything by how you feel. It will steer you in the wrong direction.


Yet the truth is that our feelings are our most reliable guidance system.


They are the clearest indicator of where we are in relationship to Source energy or as many  know it, God. If you’re in complete alignment with God, you feel good, you feel happy, you feel at rest, and feel at peace. You feel clear.


You have faith. You know that things are working out for you. You know that everything is always working out for you. Even when it appears in physical reality far from it. That which looks like disaster is always a gift waiting to be opened.


Here’s the beauty of this. It’s ok if you are not in that space.


It’s ok if you are not in flow. Love itself sees you as an extension of it, with eyes of absolute Love. It knows who you are and it holds that steady focus. And the feelings? They are information.


I know this to be truth.  I can feel it to the depths of my bones. I will continue to focus on what feels good. It is the only important thing. It is my point of attraction. I will continue to focus on my point of attraction. I’m blown away by all of this!


I will continue to take the path of least resistance into the feel good  place which means for me right now that I don’t focus a whole heck of a lot on anything that doesn’t feel good about a situation. I practice that imperfectly! I’m getting better and better at it every single day! More and more and more my deepest commitment is to feeling good, finding the vibration that feels 100% yummy, clear energized, ecstatic, connected, because those are the spaces that I love being in! It feels good to feel good. It feels good to practice that choice, to hone the skill and then to watch what comes into my space. Period.


No self flagellation.


I’m choosing not to worry about anything else. I’m choosing not to worry about whether I get it right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. That’s the thing I’ve come to know. Right or wrong just doesn’t matter. There is only one thing that does matter and that is to blend with the Love that I am in the best way I know how in the moment.


I cannot get it wrong.


Neither can you.