Orgasm and Web Design


How does orgasm have anything to do with web design?

I believe it has everything to do with every creative endeavor that we embark on! It is the creative space, that place of bliss, that place of pleasure, that place of pure love out of which everything is birthed.  It is that place of being completely IN  Love in our bodies.

I am exploring full on  orgasm (not to be confused with climax.) They’re two different things. And I am so grateful to Betsy Blankenbaker for making that very clear for me!

Betsy wrote a book compiling her five years of orgasm research.  That book  has opened gateways for me as I enter into my next 30 year cycle.

The information in  Autobiography of An Orgasm opens the gateway for  full on pleasure, the kind that we are wired for, every human on the planet, the kind of that we have suppressed in deep fear, both of the level of pleasure and fear of women carrying that level of pleasure.  I am, it seems, telling everyone I know about this book!!

I am now on my own explorative journey, connecting the dots in my own experience and recognizing the degree to which I have already experienced that. More than I’ve given myself credit for. That excites me! In the  commitment  to exploring my pleasure connection in a very potent way,  my body is constricting  in ways that I have not experienced for a long time. Pain at an 8-10 level.

Rather than focusing in on the pain, I’m choosing to focus on the pleasure that surrounds the pain,  the pleasure that is within the pain, or the pleasure that is underneath it, that  undergirds the pain.

In the New Year period between 2001 and 2002 my heart cry was for the blocks to Love flowing freely through me to be removed. It has been a 13 ½ year journey.

For the past three and a half years I have been going through a process using a powerful and effective tool designed to peel back the beliefs that blocked me from the experience of Love.

I was instantly drawn to the first 3 of its intentions based on this  judeo-christian  scripture: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Reconnecting to True Love. God is another word for true love for many.

The thing is that I (we) have never not been connected with Love … it is the substance of which I am made.  It is that in which I live, I move, I have my Being.  My awareness of that … that is what has been on disconnect mode.

I have come to understand that there is no place that Love is not.  It has always been with me in me for me as me. I have shut it out, as I have shut out pleasure.  Choosing pain over pleasure.  Pain is a known intensity.  I’ve learned to be resilient in it.  I know what to do with it. I have spent untold years learning  how to be resilient in it.

Pleasure?  Holy fucking moly!!!

That is an intensity that equates with death to me.  (And isn’t that interesting ) Pain constricts in and is protective. Pain protects me from death (so I believed.)

Pleasure on the other hand is deep opening, everything exposed without protection.

That is its invitation. To open fully into Love without protection. Unguarded.  That’s where the bliss is.  That’s where deep creativity happens.

I can sense that.  I don’t know it fully yet.

The Know that I Know inside pulls me forward into all that I have come here to experience.

Deep unguarded Love.  Full on Bliss in the body ~ the bliss that  is on the periphery of every constriction into pain.

And ~ how does that  translate into web design?  Truth?   I don’t fully know yet.

I have a sense that is has everything to do with it, with how I create, what expresses from that space of unconstricted openness and deep connectedness  in Love.  I am on a journey of discovery.

That excites me!  It  fills me with aliveness and So! Much! Joy! Part of the joy in this for me is that this discovery journey?  It is for me!  And if in my exuberance I share something that touches you?  Good!  That is the rich juicy gravy of embodied awakened life!

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