No Gurus Needed Here

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No gurus needed here, thank you very much.

Guides along the way?  Yes!  I love the help that points me to the remembering that I am enough.  I am loved.  I am Love Itself.  And, it is imperative now that I curb the propensity to turn guides along the way into gurus!

I am enough. I was born enough.

I was born enough for the roadblocks I intentionally set in front of me in this life. This specific life. I am enough.I was born knowing that. And then I forgot. That forgetting was intentional. That forgetting was NOT sin.

I am enough.  I was born enough.

I was born with the power of the universe at my fingertips. It took that just to be born. I chose to forget. The choosing happened before I was born. The choosing happened in the planning stages of this lifestream.

I chose to forget so that I could remember. So that I could experience remembering in these circumstances.  The ones I find myself in now. Nothing has gone wrong.

No thing has gone wrong.  I am enough. I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am pretty enough. I am love enough. I am enough.

Beloved within speaks softly,

“NOTHING has gone wrong.  You cannot get it wrong. Yes. I know. I can feel you clinging  to “but what if I don’t make the shift fast enough? What if I’m too slow, what if my brakes are on too much … what if my body cannot keep up, its not fast enough … And from the deepest part of you, I remind you: You are enough.  You are loved.  You are Love itself … and So. Much. More.  You cannot get this wrong.”

And here’s the yammering voice of resistance to that I am enough:  You’re never satisfied. You always want more than you have. Champagne taste on a beer budget. Just be satisfied with what you have. Be satisfied with missionary barrel clothes. The ones noone wants.  At least you have clothes. Beauty is only skin deep. Yours is a shallow want. God loves you. That should be enough. Don’t dream.  Don’t desire.  Don’t want.


And again, Beloved within speaks softly and gently,

Can you let that go?  Can you release the resistance?  What are the perks for holding on?  Are they worth it?
Remembering is in the surrender, sweetheart. Remembering is in the  surrender. It’s in the falling into it.
Her delight is is the law of the Existing One …  the way of it … She meditates on the way of it day & night.


So, her delight is in the way of it! She meditates on the way of it day and night because it feels good. It is Love.


Yes!  You want so deeply to belong that you keep looking outside of yourself for what’s inside. Looking to outside authorities,  for the authority that’s deep within you.

You are enough.  You Are loved.  You are Love Itself.


Drink that in my beautiful friends!   No gurus needed.  Not in any form.  Guides along the way perhaps and no usurping of the Love that we are, communicating in the specific ways that we each hear … no one right way.  Just the way of it.  Richness here.  Inside of me.  Inside of you.  Speaking in the language of my soul your soul our soul.  Unique to the one hearing.

Drink it in.  No gurus needed.





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