New Every Morning

New Every Morning

I have no idea why I feel compelled to share the things I share with you. It is seemingly so unrelated to web design. Marketing wisdom says write about what you do. Create great content around what you do. Answer your readers questions. Offer solutions to the things that keep them up at night.

And inevitably I come back to the inner journey, tying that into the business of web design. If the connection I make (because there is ALWAYS a connection) is immediately translated into words, I feel blessed. If not I leave it to you to take what calls to you, translate it into your life and let go of the rest.

I woke up Monday, February 29th, Leap Day with this thought. I hand wrote it in my journal, something I haven’t done for a while. I’ve been using the speak to text capacity on my phone instead.

What if? What if every single morning was new?

What if I couldn’t or didn’t know the stories attached to the things in my life?

What if I have no fear-based reason for “No?”

What if all I knew was this moment – the sensations of this moment? No story about them, just the sensations of the moment.

How would I greet them?

How, for instance, would I greet the sensation of constriction?

Could I simply welcome it, and in the welcoming of it give the constriction an opportunity to expand?

Could I greet the sensation of despair with curiosity? What what could that look like? What could that feel like? No story attached to the sensation of despair, no blaming outer circumstances for the sensation. Just the sensation of despair. Could I simply be curious and explore it?

The inquiry was in response to a sensation of overwhelming sadness in my chest above my heart below my throat. I wake up with these sensations often. There does not seem to be anything attached – just the experience of sadness or grief or despair showing up in my body where ever it shows up. Generally they hang out in my heart area.

As I stayed with the sensation and met it with curiosity, allowing it to be what it is, to shift and move as it needed, space emerged and the sensation released. Just like that. So, what if!


What if I stopped wanting anything other than what is right now and started to thank all of it.

In this funny little college town that calls itself a city, where the speed limits on the main thoroughfares create the sensation of driving through sludge,where it feels like I am metaphorically perpetually driving with my brakes on, can I love the slow without needing it to be faster, without needing it to be anything more than it is?

Can I love the “slow” in my creative process?

Slow to wake up, slow to get started, (I was in my late 50’s when the creativity began to sprout) … and! Those are stories, aren’t they! I am so subtly attached to the stories that I tell myself about what I can and cannot do and why!

Those stories get in the way of what could truly be done with great ease as we align with Source, Creator and get out of our own way. As I offer it all up to the Divine, that gets easier.

None of it is “ours”. I continue to learn to offer it all to the Divine. Open handed. Without clenching, without grasping.

It’s how I approach Love Deep Design. It’s how I approach Life itself.

Things are smoother that way and more likely to be filled with serendipitous surprises!

Here is a sweet clearing process  created by Isabel Martins, one of the clearest people I know, that has helped me with the releasing of the stories.


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