Momentum is Never Locked In

Pair of human hands giving water on sunset - allowing the receiving

I approve of myself. A very long time ago, at least 28 years, when I first got my hands on Louise Hays’ You Can Heal Your Life, I started repeating these words over and over and over again.  It didn’t always feel very good and it definitely didn’t feel very true. At that time I couldn’t find the truth in them and still  I repeated them. Often.

Repeating them aloud brought up all the ways I couldn’t possibly agree with it …. all the ways I was wrong. It became difficult to “do” it so I stopped. At the time, I did not know how to shift the momentum of my thoughts and feelings.

I would return at intervals when it felt like time.

Now is one of those times I’m returning to it.

This time it’s in a very different way than ever before.

I feel the approval of me by Source energy, the approval of my greater Self loving me unconditionally, unfazed by my sometimes long moments out of alignment.

I feel the love inherent through Source for this expression of itSelf. I feel it as deep appreciation.

I feel approval in the words as I repeat them. The sense of “Of course I do! Of course I approve of myself!”

As I sit or walk around with that for even a few moments, things inside of me shift and whatever disapproval i was experiencing towards me dissipates until the next time it arises ..

As I depersonalize the sensations of disapproval, and recognize them as indicators of my current vibrational point of attraction, the sensation simply becomes information that I can shift gently, easily, into something that feels better and then better and then better again. Little by little, feeling by feeling, the momentum shift in a different direction.

I don’t have different words that express this exactly in this moment so it feels like I’m taking directly from Abraham and here’s the thing. Most words are coated with millenia of meaning that we have added lifetime after lifetime obscuring the intent, the actual vibration of them.  I like  using words that are clean, clear, unobscured.

Momentum is the word that brings me back to center, to mySelf, often. As I say it, “momentum,” then hear it, I remember.

I remember as I’m brow beating myself for being in a space that I overridingly prefer not to be in, that I am  more and more easily centered in the midst of feeling intensely stuck.   This feeling of stuck is simply a function of momentum and the law of attraction.

Momentum is changeable. And I’m finding that the kindest way to change momentum is to come to a slow stop then start up slowly in a different direction. Slowly.

Slowly shifting into deeper pleasure. Slowly shifting into calm, peace, and in the process of changing my vibrational foundation into one of alignment with the whole of me.

This is everything to me.


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