Magical Moments

Coffee cup and laptop for business in coffee shop

I am so excited! This week, I sat down with a new client in one of my favorite local coffee shops, to work out some of the specifics of our project together. This is so much fun! She is a former colleague who I just adored working with and now we are collaborating to bring her web home to life.

I had the home page wire-framed onto paper. Old school. There is something magical that happens for me from brain to hand through pencil onto paper and from there we worked out colors and fonts and talked hosts. This was our second design meeting. We perused through the colors we’d each saved with her site in mind, looked through some font choices and kept it as simple as that …

As I saw photos from her massive collection that begged to be included on the site , we uploaded them to our shared Google Drive file right there on the spot. Not so old school. Working. In one of my favorite environments! I love coffee bistros! There’s an ambiance …  (even when I’m drinking decaf and feel like I am cheating on the environment)

So now I have one client at the beginning stages and one client nearing the end. I’m beginning to really understand the sweet rhythm for this process. For a way that it works well for me.

One of my favorite things about what I do is the process of getting a feel for the client as we began working together. My nursing background comes into play here.  As a nurse, I learned early on to step into the room of a new patient and read the room. That way I could ease their apprehension and get them stabilized and settled quickly.  I learned to trust that read.

Collaborating with clients towards the creation of  a website isn’t all  that different. Well … perhaps a hair  less life threatening. Overall? People are people.

In some cases, like in the case of this new client, I can bring everything that I’ve known (and admired) about that person into the creation process.There is also something deeply gratifying about teasing what I know is there (that the client may not yet connect with) up, out and into the process.

And, here’s the thing.  Without the vision of the creators of Web Designer Beauty School, I would not be doing this.  These sweet magical moments around this creative process would not be. I shared my story with my colleagues fellow  students in the Web Designer Beauty School this week. Click here to read it. And while you are there, do yourself a favor.  Peruse through the other blog offerings. Like this one: Mail Chimp & Gravity Forms: Simple, Sophisticated Automated Email Campaigns

There is a wealth of information available to you as you get a taste of how Katy and Krista teach. And you may find that this is the thing that opens your creative juices another notch.  It was for me!

One more sweet thing?  Autobiographies of Our Orgasms 2 compiled by Betsy Blankenbaker, is being released Tuesday, March 8th. New Moon. Solar eclipse. Sweet Change! This book is powerful because it is a collection … a collection of our stories … our sensual stories, the stories of our relationship to and with the pleasure our bodies are designed to innately hold … with all that that means … I am honored to tell a piece of that story ♡♡♡ And I am so looking forward to reading the stories told.  Thank you, Betsy, for helping that voice in me re-emerge!


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