Love with an Edge

the edge of aliveness

I have been inspired to adjust the fonts on my website. I’ve noticed that the sweet almost pristine Over the Rainbow font that I’ve used for the logo and the headlines no longer expresses the place that I inhabit.

Because love, while it has a sweetness to it, also comes with a razor sharp restless edge.

Love takes you to that edge. Again and again.

The edge of Aliveness.

The edge of Clarity.

The edge of Bliss.

There is always a leap involved coupled with the choice to take the leap. The space in between the possibility of the leap and the choice to take it can be a space befuddlement, restlessness.

I want something that captures loves restless edge as well as the sweetness. The perfectly imperfect edge.

It feels so important that the website expresses, fully expresses that. It’s time to take it up a notch yet not change up the whole thing … I want to feel the point of Stillness and the sense of moving forward,  all in one element, all in one place.

The disquiet is holy. It comes from contrast. It is the tipping point into moving forward right before the movement occurs. Almost and not quite yet.

Every move forward is birthed in the place of deep Stillness. The stillness is healthy and  necessary for navigating everything everything life offers up. So is the restlessness. It is all a part of it. The edge of Aliveness.

Love has room for it all! No borders. It welcomes it all.

Can you sit in that restless edge of between, letting what wants to be birthed complete itself?

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