Love Well

It is not our job to love another well.

It is our job to first and foremost love ourselves well. From that place we cannot help but love others well.

For three years, I went through a deep healing reprogramming process that has its intentions  focused on these words from the Christian Bible .. the words have several addresses.

“Love the Lord your God with all of your  heart, mind and strength.  Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I was clearing away everything that blocked the expression of True Love  through me through this process.  This occurred during my second spiral back into the religion of my childhood.  The first was 1991 to 1996. The second spiral back in was particularly powerful because of and in spite of this process.

Almost every week I would have my session and bring up from my unconscious awareness the ways each belief I uncovered  blocked True love from flowing through me.  What I have come to understand as I have systematically deprogrammed my embedded beliefs about the nature of God is that it has nothing at all to do with the  “traditional biblical perspective” that this system is predicated on.

Here is what these words now say to me

Love the existing One with all of your heart, mind and strength.  That existing One is in me.. as me …  So as I love the Lord my God with all of my heart mind and strength, I love Me. These words say to me there is no separation.  There is no human on this planet that is not a part of me.  There is no human on this planet that is left out of Love.

There is no special group of people that have special access to Love (some call that God) over any other because they have “the key” There is just Love, pulsing through us or Love being blocked and impinged as it wants to move through us, and the unblocking of the awareness to Love.

Love your neighbor as yourself becomes second nature as you love yourself well.  My sense is that eventually even that (doing love well) falls away and all sense of doing love well is a non-issue. It is what we are. It is what we are. Period.  Nothing to do. Nothing to prove.  Just be who we are.
Just be who I am and revel in the beauty of it, the pleasure of it, the humanity of it. I have the privilege of expressing in a body.  And in this body that I am expressing through are trillions of cells, all funded in Love. The vibration of Love is in every cell of my body.

Last week into this week, I’ve had the sensation that every cell in my body wants to make love to me from within, to feel the passion of Life rising up from within and exploding with great precision into the world around me.

How deeply can I allow this?  I have felt the Divine within calling me in, saying quietly  “Come inside.  Let me love you. Be still and Know.” It feels for me as though it is either this or the pain of constricting inward and refusing to allow the flow of love where it would flow.  And all of it is good.

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