Love Notes To My Small Self

Dreamy woman standing in her car, looking out over the sky.

I have come to love my love notes to myself.

Opening my journal this afternoon again, getting ready to write and landing on the page that said this:

“Could you let the experience that you have of Me be unique to you, new, fresh everyday, every moment?”

Remembering the moment that thought landed into my awareness and the sensation of delight in the landing, connecting me to it  in this Now.

And my response:  You are not out there. You are so deep within me that when I breathe and silence the mind, even just a hair, I feel you passing through my body, up and down my energy centers. Up and down my spine.

And today, in the re-membering, in the connection to the Now sensation of it … I FEEL You … moving through me. I  Feel You … in the palpable stillness, in the depth inside each cell of my body. I feel You. You who is Me.

You, My Beloved are the Beloved of each cell of this body.  There is no escaping You. There is only misery when I cut myself off from my awareness of You.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

So much relief in the Yes to allowing.

Sometimes I am so busy looking where I last felt You that I miss the Now. Because Now does not feel like where I last felt You. I miss the sensation of You completely but You’re always there. Sometimes I am so busy reading about how You express in others that I do not recognize it for me as me.

“Could you let the experience that you have of Me be unique to you? New, fresh everyday, every moment”




So much relief in Yes to the Whole of Me.

And again this prayer as we dive into the beautiful Pisces New Moon … Divine Beloved, let what want to leave, leave, easily, free of resistance. Let what wants to come come. Let me simply allow. Let me Know … know by experience the power of the Universe, flowing through me. Let me get out of My own freakin way!  Divine Beloved, have Your way with me.


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