Live Your Life Already!

Wet Beach Sand - Life is Good.

This talk about enlightenment and ascension,
giving the sense of hierarchy.
It doesn’t resonate with me!
Perhaps it’s the semantics of it that doesn’t resonate.
That’s probably it.

What does resonate with me is this.

I live in a body.
I am Source energy living in a physically expressed body
Created by me for my enjoyment.
While I’m living in body,
I want to enjoy every last bit of it.
Even that which at first feel may not seem so enjoyable.
There’s beauty. Even in that space.

For me,
There’s time enough for the full time Bliss of Oneness
when I’m dead and gone!
Dead and gone meaning only that
I’ve vacated this specific physical form for good.
The whole of me never dies.

While I’m embodied I want to experience,
Feel everything there is to feel,
Play with honing in my focusing skills.
To play with focusing myself into alignment with Source energy
so that I only have one vibration going instead of two.

Living in that state state of alignment as I’m in body
Walking embodied on this planet.
Me as Source energy,
living in this specific physical experience.

Feeling a deep letting go of old ways,
Old ways of thinking,
Old ways of being,
Allowing the new to pulse its way through me.
Through ME
In body.

Nothing heavy,
nothing serious going on here.

Wherever I am in any given moment is good. Period.
Good. All Good!

So, forget the complex processes.
Forget the complex formulas.
Stop trying to measure up to anything.
Stop trying to measure up.

Back to basics.
Once again.
Breathe in the sensation,
Whatever it is.
Allow it space to move. All of it.
No judgment.

Immerse it in the Clarity of your Whole Being.

That is Oneness walking in body.