Keep Your Facebook Experience Intentional

Lone Blue Jay

I am fascinated by the level of specificity available to us on Facebook.  It has become a great way to learn how to manage my interactions with a wide variety of people and points of view. How to love it all and practice allowing what I don’t choose to have in my space to leave … with help!!!  Mine!!  It is sweet.

How do you create specifically targeted or custom lists?

The sidebar to the left of your feed lists the various aspects of Facebook that you’re involved with.  Scroll down until you see the “FRIENDS” heading. Hover over that word and you’ll see the word “more” in small blue print to the right. Click on that.

It will take you to a page that shows the pre-made lists based on your profile info.  These preset lists are identifiable as such by icons related to the focus.   Education related lists have graduation caps. The work related list icon is a briefcase.  As you create your own custom  lists you’ll notice the icon is two blue heads on a white background, similar to the friends only setting for posts.

Preset lists cannot be deleted, only archived. They can be restored by clicking on the Settings icon to the right.  Your custom lists on the other hand, can not be archived. They can only be deleted.  There is no restore option available for them.  Delete with caution !
Do you want to add a friend to an already created custom list?

Click on the list you’d like to add that person to. It is in the sidebar to the left of your feed.  There will be a dropdown Manage List menu.

  1. Choose “Edit list”.  There will be a drop down menu on top left.
  2. Choose “Friends”. Type in the name of the friend you are adding into the search bar.
  3. Click on their name when you  see it  and add them to the list.
  4. If it is a newly added person,you can also  go to recently added friends. You will see a dropdown menu by their name which allow you to add them to the list you’d like to put them into.

Do you want to remove someone from  a list?

  1. Go to the list.
  2. Follow instructions 1 -4 above.
  3. Uncheck the box for the person you are removing from the list.
  4. Done!


One more quick tip

Click on the more link by friends again, scroll down and click on Acquaintances.(or any of the lists following it) In the header to the left below the title, you will see a learn more link.  Clicking on that will lead you to a 4 slide click through generic tutorial on lists.

Next week I’ll go over the difference between pages and groups and how to begin to set each one up.