Joy Beneath the Chaos?

Joyfilled Holidays to you

Joy filled holidays from my heart to yours.

I would love to be sitting across from you at Starbucks or Imagine Coffee (an artist’s haven in my area) or at Emily’s Beanery (the name my beautiful friend Bethlyn and I lovingly give to the Beanery near Market of Choice in Corvallis) having deep conversation.

I would give you a big hug and we would sit and talk about the things we’ve loved the most about this year. What changed for you? What seemed to stay the same? How has love grown in your life?

Is there something you’re facing that feels more daunting than anything you’ve faced so far in your life?

How are you navigating it?

Know that you are not alone. Those words may feel empty, I know, especially if you’re feeling blindsided by this thing.

Next, could you tap into the deepest of Joy within you as you face this thing, as you feel fullness of the pain and angst in that place where joy feels nowhere to be found? Is there a tiny pinprick of it that you can lean into in the midst?

What I’ve learned this year is that the joy IS there even when I am not feeling it, when I am not even close to feeling it. When I lean into what is, the Joy is resting beneath the chaos, waiting for me to let it in … only as much as I can let in in that moment.

There is comfort in that.
Much love ~~~

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