Innate Intelligence and Your Closest Friend

Your body has its own innate intelligence and it is wired  to live..  It is also geared towards serving you.  It does so by sending subtle messages to you.  It is a ton of fun to begin to truly listen to these messages.

Messages like

“I’m tired.  I need rest.”

“Ouch!  That hurts.”

“You are feeding me what??  Again?  Are you kidding me!!! You know what that does to my digestive tract!”

Instead, we often  ignore the subtle (and not so subtle) messages … by pushing just a bit more until we are too tired to rest .  Or ignoring the pain … and pushing through because we think we have to … Nurses are particularly good at this.  Ignoring our own bodies to serve the needs of the bodies in more need … doing this day after day,  12 hour shift after 12 hour shift.

So are moms (and dads)  Eating that greasy (and yummy)  fast food because it’s what is there. Never mind that the body doesn’t digest it well. Push push  drive drive.  Neglect piled on neglect year after year until our bodies have forgotten the sense of well being they were  designed to have.

So what can you do to begin to sense well being again?   Here are some simple habits you can start  to cultivate daily.

1.  Thank your body every night as you fall asleep for the way it has served you throughout the day.  Spend a little extra time with the places that you dislike the most.   You know those places .. The ones with extra tissue that you just want gone.  The ones you hear yourself speaking against … “I hate my _____ … they’re (it’s) too _____”   Journal the process.  Your body really is one of your best friends.

This one act  will tune you into what your body does for you every single day.

2. Try choosing to give your body rest when it is tired.  It could look like taking that break you don’t think you have time for.   “They” need you.  It could look like a 10 minute “power nap”  or meditation  break.   It could look like your lunch break taken  before you are ravenously hungry,  your blood sugar is crashing and you don’t care what you eat !

3. Ask yourself “What would it feel like to experience well being in my body?” , then tune in to your body’s response.  Another way to phrase the question could be “How would it feel to experience peace in my body?”    Breathe into it.  Let the peace in your body hang around for a bit,  especially if it feels a bit unfamiliar.   I am always amazed at how fast my body will relax into peace when I ask those questions, and pay attention.

Simple acts of kindness to your body begin to cultivate a healthy  relationship with it … a dialogue if you will.    In time, it becomes clear that your body is your closest and very  possibly one of your wisest companions.

Imagine how good it could feel to listen and act on our bodies’ messages.  Isn’t that fun?!?

If you liked this, even a little, tell me why in the comments. (Thank you !)

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