Ignored Nudges

Trench coat and cigarette kinda day

As I closed last weeks offering, I had the urge write a quick note at the end giving myself Thanksgiving weekend off. I had a full week of writing and celebrating with whatever family showed up ahead and it felt right.

I talked myself out of the urge and am now wishing I had not. I finished up the second draft of the chapter I’m contributing to the edition of BetsyBlankenbaker’s Autobiography of Our Orgasms.  It left me spent and drained in a good way.

And today, all I want to do is rest and relax and let the disseminating phase of the moon do it’s sweet work in me.  This phase of the moon has very often been a key time frame  for download after download of synchronistic understanding of all that has been mulling around in me.

Note to all of our selves:  When the Divine nudges you to take a break, do it.

And if you have not read Betsy’s first book, here is a link.  Click on it. Get it.  Read it!  I dare you! (It’s that good!)

Much love to us all as we move into the final stretch of 2015.

ps ~ Enjoy the trench coat photo. It’s a trench coat and cigarette kinda day! 

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