How to Set up a Facebook Group

Facebook groups

What you need to know

Groups are a  powerful way to connect around a specific focus.  As I mentioned in the first of this series my sisters and I stay in touch in a deeply connecting way through the group that we created. It is a secret group meaning it is not seen by anyone but us. There is so much freedom for us in this arrangement.  I belong to one other secret group is like a piece of heaven for me.

There are 3 levels of groups that you can create on Facebook.

The most public Facebook group is an open group.  Anyone can join the group or be added (or invited) by a member.  Everyone can see the group and what the members of the group post.

The second level is the closed group.  The group is visible to the public.  The posts are not.  They show up only on the feeds of the members.

The third level is the secret group. This is the most private level and creates an allowing space where things can be shared more openly.  Noone sees the group except those in it, and noone sees the posts in the group but the group members.  The posts will show up in your feed.

Here’s a handy chart created by the Facebook team that shows the differences very clearly.

To create a group

  1. Click on the downward facing arrow on the far right of the blue task bar at the top of your FB feed.
  2. You will see the option to create a group on the list that drops down.  Click on that .
  3. You will notice a pop up in the middle of your screen.  Fill in the Group Name, add members, designate the privacy setting and click create! Simple as that!

Once that is done, go to the group page add a cover photo in the same way you would do on your personal timeline.
To the right, you will notice a space to add a description of the group.  This is a good place define the purpose of the group and set forth simple rules of engagement clearly.  It is always a good idea to clarify that what is said in the group stays in the group.  Before  I wrote here that my sisters and I have a secret FB group, I got permission to share that info.

You’ll notice a menu below the cover photo.  To the right is a place to add documents.  The ways you can use this area is a broad as your imagination allows it to be!  Have fun and run with it!

Once you have done it a couple times and nothing breaks, (and it won’t) let yourself get a little curious about the instructional links on FB.  Poke around, see what you can learn.  You may surprise yourself!

More than anything, let yourself have fun with it!