Late to the 2015 Goodbye Party (and a tiny gift)


Goodbye 2015!

Thank you for all that you have brought me over the course of the  365 days that were yours! The time has been rich! The experiences contained within it have touched both ends of the feelings spectrum – exhilarating on one hand and  deeply despondent on the other and all points between. Nothing in me has remained untouched in the time frame you inhabited.

There were times when I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep breathing. There were other times when I was so afraid that I might not get to keep breathing that all I could do is offer up my life to the Force of Love and say “Not my life ..not my body … its all on loan.”  again and again.

You were the year of deep offering of it all and the prayer continues.

Divine Beloved, change my thinking patterns. Shift my default to joy and bliss. I’ve tried everything I know.  Let me catch the thoughts that spiral me downward before the spiral gains momentum. I am yours, Dear Beloved, You are mine.  We Are One.


You are the period of time where I connected (again) to a deeper experience of the pleasure that moves though my body … to orgasm as a way of being in my body. I wrote a piece of my story around that for the second anthology of Autobiographies of Our Orgasms compiled by Betsy Blankenbaker, coming  out in February. That feels a little like a coming out to dance in public party to me.

You are also the year I shipped my website  and committed to connecting with my  tribe once a week no matter what.  I gave myself my voice back.

I started creating websites for clients.

I let go of both the RN license and made choices that release the Retracing Sequence Method certification in this new year.

I laid down my sword, stopped fighting what is, went into the inner sanctuary of my deepest heart and met myself as Love.  Once I tasted that, I kept going back in and going back in and going back in for more of Me. That inner sanctuary is home in the truest possible way.

I let go of trying to squeeze Awareness  into the tiny box of the traditional biblical perspective and began to earnestly search out the common ground between you and me … whoever you are.  Whatever beliefs you hold. What is the common ground? How are we saying the same thing? Because mostly, we are. That is what I have come to know.

In deep appreciation to the writers of the following of  the top 12 (for me) books in 2015 in no particular order after the first two.  Your work has nourished my soul beyond all expectation!


Outrageous Openness – Tosha Silver

Change Me Prayers – Tosha Silver

Letting Go – Dr David Hawkins MD

Escaping Christianity, Finding Christ – Barbara Symons (Third time through!)

Autobiography of an Orgasm – Betsy Blankenbaker

Instant Orgasm – Steve Bodansky PhD, Vera Bodansky PhD

Dying to Be Me – Anita Moorjani

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – Annie Kagan

Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minomineke – James C. Washburn

Goddesses Never Age – Dr. Christiane Northrup

Bursts of Thunder in My Ear – Ken Dahl

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert


There are so many more I could list here.  Reading nourishes, refreshes and stimulates my creative soul. (All of theses are available on

Welcoming 2016 with wide open arms.  What will we create this year? How will we vibrate to the frequency of the Force of Love with greater and greater consistency?

To common ground and looking for what is right in every experience ~~~

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