Get Over It!

Fierce Tiger Head with words Love is Fierce

No matter what “it” is, there is someone somewhere who will disapprove of you, who will judge you as bad for your desire, your viewpoint, your way of coping, your way of processing, the fact that you process at all … the list goes on and on.

There is a point where I must without apology simply choose to get over it. Get! Over! It! Get over it and live.  Love. Act as much as possible only from the inspiration birthed in that place. That place of Love.

I have reached that point, that get over it point.

They will not all like you. They will definitely not all approve of the choices you make. That’s life. And for me it is time to get over it. No turning back. No looking back. That may be one of the gifts of the chaos of this transition time.

No longer can I allow my perception of what others think and feel about me, and what I do to pinch me off from True Love.

If you are one, like me, who needs understanding of a thing for it to deeply click in place for you, while you are reaching the getting over it point, ask yourself this:

What is the first time you remember having feeling, this sensation?

For me this week that query has been this specific set of questions:

  • Do you remember the first time you felt guilty – bad – for feeling good?
  • When is the first time you felt bad for liking what you like, loving what you love?
  • When is the first time you experienced the sensation of I’m flawed, something is wrong with me because I like this thing they say I should not like?

This belief that I am bad for liking what they say I should not like,  has felt like a large hand, pushing me down for much of my life. Sometimes I have been able to power by it, but there has up until now, always been the specter of that heavy hand, hovering, waiting to push me back down into obedience, into compliance with the norm.

Never ending story on top of story on top of story.

Fuck story!

Story is a way I keep myself stuck in the weight of the hand pushing down on me. Do I want to carry the weight of this feeling anymore, wearing  it as if it is a badge of honor?

No! No! No more!

Could I instead simply hear the message of the feeling and allow the feeling to move itself through? Could I breathe into the noxious sensation of the feeling rather than constrict around it? Rather than power through or around it?

In the breath into the sensation of bad, unworthy, could I allow true love in just a little? Could I allow Myself in?

True love is fierce. It is fierce about feeling good. It is fierce about the desires that give it pure pleasure. It is fierce and relentless in its pursuit of its expression and expansion in human form.

And that does not always feel good to the human.

True love  is fierce about its expression through human form and it will not be confined to any box to suit the human form through which it’s expressing. True Love does not bring its vibration to the level of the human form. It holds its frequency of love in all of the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances.

It cares not at all what you or I or anybody else thinks it should be doing.

It does what it does, it goes where it goes, it loves what it loves. And it loves itself as every single one of its expressions. You, me, the one you perceive as enemy, the one you perceive as friend, the loudly barking dog down the street.

And the deepest truth?

True Love is not something outside of me. It IS me. It is the expanded version of me that holds the frequency of all that I have become.  It is the highest expression of me. And the highest expression of me is fierce. Without apology.

It is time for me to let go of what anyone else thinks of anything I choose to put my focus to  and get on with the business of allowing pleasure in all of the forms I love to pulse through me.

There is a time and a place to get over it and love who you love how you love what you love. Only you know what that is for you.

For me it is time to get over it already.


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