Geek Love from Me to You

Or First Email to my growing list!


Thank you for inviting me into your inbox.
I am so glad you are here!!

This space was birthed out of an inspiration early this year from one of my favorite design / creative / entrepreneur people. He is one of 3 to 5 people whose emails I open immediately.

I had been used to seeing Paul Jarvis’s weekly offerings show up every Sunday like clockwork since I had opted in sometime late summer. I had not seen it for a couple months .. I’d missed the announcement that he was taking a social break for a couple months and in the busy-ness of November-December didn’t notice until this Sunday in January when I saw his return.

As I  clicked to open the email and snuggled up to the words on my screen, my  morning coffee held to my chest, I felt instantly nourished by this offering. I LOVED how that felt. I couldn’t wait until next Sunday morning when the next offering would show up.
Paul Jarvis is an exceptionally talented web designer, skilled at keeping it simple and very effective. He is also a writer.  He’s published several books. He’s mastered the art of freelancing and shares that knowledge freely.

Sunday Love was born out of reading an email from Paul Jarvis that I hadn’t noticed I missed until realized he hadn’t been showing up for that past couple months. ( Now, I go looking for his offering every Sunday morning.)

A light went on in my head as I was [once again] perusing his website after clicking through a link in the email.

That is how I would love for you, my readers to feel! Happy to hear from me. Knowing that on this day, around this time, there will be something from me in your inbox. Something that inspires you, encourages you or offers a tip that will bring you closer in some way to your particular dream.

It is terrifying. In a good way. Martha Beck (another of my “inbox loves”) talks about two kinds of fear. Fear that is from attraction, that thing you really really want to do. The kind of fear that invites you into the very thing you are afraid of. That’s the good scary … The underside of excitement. Exciting and terrifying all at once. It is part of the duality of life on earth. The other version of fear is the repellant constricting kind.

And here I am! I’ve drawn a line in the sand and chosen to ‘just do it’ already! Just start connecting my tribe, my even playing field outside the lines people. Speaking out, consistently, in my voice (instead of always sharing someone else’s really good quote because they say it better, and they have authority. After all, they are famous and they have written a book) before my website is completely ready for your eyes.

Here’s the deal. Some of you will come, curious, stay for a bit and then go. Some of you will arrive, resonate deeply and stick around. Some will come, resonate for a time and then be gone. Some won’t resonate at all.  It’s how we do life!

What I know now is that over time, this will grow if I stay true to the commitment I’ve made to grow this space of people who are my kind of outside the lines. Some in my immediate non digital  world call that crazy. I prefer to think of it as outside the lines … Often way outside the lines …

Kinder don’t you think? And we could all use a whopping dose of kinder every single day. Love is [really] all there is! Deeply rooted, waiting to burst forth!

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