What If?

Feeling Forward into Unbounded Joy

What if , moment by moment in 2017, I abandoned all sense of limit and allowed myself to experience full-on Bliss in whatever way it makes itself known to me as defined by me and the moment?

What if?

What could open up?

What does that level of freedom feel like?

And can I have it now?

Could I open myself up to it in this moment ?

How does it feel to allow that level of freedom into my experience?


What if I choose to move fully into the sensations as they present,  on my terms, truly on my terms, not my terms as I perceive you think those terms are? My terms, from the truest place of Me~~~ how could that shift everything for me in this new cycle of days and months that begins today?


What if I flow from an understanding that I am a multi-faceted lover of life, an understanding that  includes the Ones I’ve loved to this moment and the One(s) I have yet to meet- the One(s) I find myself resisting because what if I have to give up the barely there One(s) .

Playing on a dating site with the energy of relationship, doing the energy play, and wondering,

Could I have it all?

Could I have my deep love for the One who has been around in an in and more out than in way for the past 12 years, with its full on expression when we do connect and a deep, closer to me here and now Love as well?

When all is said and done, is that what I truly desire?


My commitment this year is to put my focus only on what feels good and when I find myself distracted to refocus without a lot of fuss, to pay attention to my emotional guidance system, to recognize it for exactly what it is – a guidance system not an indictment on my state in any given moment.

No judgment.

There’s an understanding in my bones after playing with this focus for most of this year past ~~~

How do I deepen that in the days and months unfolding?

Part of the understanding this past year has brought has been a clear knowing and draw to stop looking outside of mySelf for advice, answers, to stop, to completely stop giving away my authority to anything outside of me.

Not out of rebellion. No longer out of that eff you place.

Out of understanding that I am the one – the only one – connected to my guidance system. Not the wise Ones out there … If those wise Ones are not pointing me back to the wisdom inherent in me, I’m having no part of it. There is no wisdom outside of me that has more value to me than that which comes from the truest part of me.

2017 is the year of continual redirect into the unbounded Joy of unbounded Love, of falling into Love with the truest part of me, again and again, moment by moment, allowing that to express in whatever way it wants, with whoever it wants in each moment.

That is the one thing I have.

This moment and this moment and this moment. Falling into Love as Me ~ Again and again and again.

Living In Love. Feeling into Love.

Noticing when that is not my focus and gently redirecting.

Gently ~~~

The year of feeling Forward, always forward into that Love and creating great fun all along the way.

How, I wonder, does that translate into the business arena?

Delicious to ponder, that one!


(Susan Weiss Berry, thank you for the newsletter subject line that deepened the ponderings here … What ifs have been some of my best friends in the journey to open to more ~~~)
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