Facing Down Deadline Fear the Gentle Way


I don’t remember the question that prompted these words to arise  from within.  It was sometime back in October.  As I sat here to write to you all and pulled up my Scrivener notebook that holds these emails as they are formed, my eyes landed and stayed on the words highlighted below.

I found  them comforting.  In the face of a May 1st deadline that is less than two weeks away by the time you read this, I have fear.  Will I really be able to get everything done?  Will it all work the way it is supposed to when it comes time to launch my client’s website?

I will tell you every web designer I’ve encountered has these fears.  At least at first.  I suspect there is always at least a twinge of it.

The words from October that greeted me this week? Here they are.

Fear is fear, sweet heart.

Moving away from your curiosity about it (fear)out of fear … that is how you used to operate.

And now you get to be aware of another way and play in that.

Maybe you will move away from this in love … maybe you won’t.

Simply stay in the place of the deeply rooted Love that You Are. 

When you notice yourself moving away from that place,

Gently acknowledge it and move back into the awareness of Me, living and being as you.

Old habits of thinking and feeling, That is all.  You are training your mind into Love,  into True Love.

That is the surrender.

I would invite you to come to Me FIRST.

See where I take you.

Train your heart to hear Love directly from Love.

To feel Love directly from Itself.The place of true power.

Go into your space of meditation, contemplation, that place where you  deeply connect with You as Me.

Go within and hear, feel, sense Me in every atom of every cell in your body.

Come to me first with what ever it is that you wake up with in the morning 

With whatever it is you are thinking about as you fall asleep with at night,

With whatever it is that awakens you in the night .

I AM in you AS YOU.

There is no other Source.

So this deadline that is feeling a tad impossible to me in this moment … I offer it to the Divine … to God.  I’ll get done what needs to get done.  That does not mean I sit around and passively do nothing btw.  It means I do what I know to do and keep offering it to the Divine.

Already the deadline feels more doable.

One my favorite prayers of offering these days is this:  Let what wants to come come.  Let what wants to leave leave. Change me into someone who is so surrendered that all I need is the next step for Now.

That is my heart’s deepest longing, that level of surrender.

Letting go of it all.

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