Endings into Beginnings

Empty hammock on quiet beach. with words "Go gently. Endings always morph into beginnings."

We’re in the Balsamic phase of the moon (or waning crescent). For the 18 years that I’ve been aware of moon cycles, it has been about releasing into the space between. That sliver of space between the end and the beginning … the space between exhale and inhale. My favorite of all the phases, where the best of the ending phase can be consciously carried forward.

I love the way it all overlaps, that there are no clean edges between the signs and the cycles.

The sun has been in Pisces since the 18th of February. Its cycle through Pisces is almost at the halfway mark. The Pisces moon cycle starts on March 6. The energies slowly blend into each other, as the one coming in takes on its new shape for the cycle and the one ending releases the best of itself into the new.

It is stillness, quiet, rich with potentiality. And in this particular cycle we are bringing the best and the worst of the Aquarius cycle with us, releasing that which no longer serves, and moving towards a new way of being with what we choose to bring forward into compassionate, fluid Pisces New Moon cycle.

It brings to mind one of my favorite prayers from Tosha Silver’s books … this one’s in all of them in one form or another:

Let everything that wants to go, go.

Let everything that wants to come, come.

I am Yours. You are Mine.

All is Well.

Tosha Silver

A Gentle Meditative Focus

Pay attention to the Oh! My! Goddess! What a relief THAT’s over!

The  subtle constriction that comes with that sentiment.

Ask yourself what the gift of THAT that’s over might be.

Could you open your heart the slightest bit

to the gift(s) of THAT making themselves known?

To those gifts being a part of what wants to birth into the New?

And embrace the  constriction at the same time,

perhaps bringing it into your deep heart?

And the prayer again, in a slightly different form:

“Let what wants to leave leave.

Let what wants to come, come.

I am You. You are me. All is Well.”

Tosha Silver

Go gently with yourself in this season of endings into beginnings.