Empty (and Brimming with Life)

Emptied and Ready

I am empty this week.


It’s a good place to be as we move through the final phase of this moon and into that in between space between the old and the new, past and future … and isn’t that where everything is always happening? In the perceived in between place – right here right now? It’s where all choice lies.

I love empty.


And today,  empty also means that what’s brewing in the emptiness is not ready to be birthed into words here quite yet.

I am already noticing and feeling the slowly waning daylight and choosing to revel in the length of the current daylight hours. Staying present to the beauty of this moment rather than on the waning into fall and winter. If I had my way, I would keep it summer all year round.

Divine Beloved, let what wants to leave leave. Let me be ready to receive the new – what ever it is, however it shows up. Let me be ready. Let me embrace the new with wide open arms.

I invite you to allow yourself to empty all that is ready to leave during next last couple days as we move into the new moon on Tuesday. Let yourself feel the movement in empty. Let yourself feel the beauty of empty.

See if you notice the subtle difference as waning moon becomes waxing moon Tuesday afternoon.

Looking forward as I embrace the movement in the stillness of empty.

Joy and much love to you all ~~~

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