Cancer Moon, Eighth House Transit

Image of moon sliver on black background with words "Eighth House Balsamic Moon in Cancer"

Haha!! First thought after reading just this first sentence of today’s  Moonnote by Heidi Rose Robbins?

“Believe it or not, the Moon stays in CANCER void of course again until 9:18pm pacific time when it moves into Leo.”

Well fuck me now! Actually that would not be such a bad idea if there was somebody around who would be willing and able …

No … wait! I actually have to be willing – deeply willing – to take said appendage into my body and unless it comes free and clear of all excess baggage fuck it I don’t want it.

(She laughs wickedly as she realizes the Moon is void of course in her eighth house — in Cancer … of course this would be the thing!) And on the other hand …

The body is deeply aroused at the thought of intimate passionate connected sexual encounter, at the thought of full-on surrender to being fully taken over by a force of Love so strong that boundaries dissolve, and whatever baggage comes with the encounter is irrelevant because in the blending, it is alchemized and all that is left of it is Love.

The question is not is this possible. The question is can I allow that. Can I get out of the way enough to allow that?

Can I allow that without trying to turn it into a lifetime commitment before its time?

Yes! All this from the first sentences of Heidi Rose Robbin’s August 9th Moon Note of 2018 and my initial response to that sentence.

Thank you void of course moon in Cancer.  Nourishment for my Scorpio Ascendant heart.


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