Wildly Delighted by My Tiny Technology!

Tiny Technology Masteruy

This piece of tiny technology that I hold in my hand? Oh my word! I continue to learn how to maneuver in this space! I am wildly delighted by every new discovery I make about it!

Today, I’m laughing at myself just a little because it’s taken me until this week to fully understand how to cut copy and paste on here. I’ve had an Android phone in one form or another since 2011. My all time favorite is the one I have now … a Samsung Galaxy S6.

Early (wee hour early) Tuesday morning, as I was composing a text message that got longer and longer and longer and longer, I recognized that the message would be delivered onto the receiver’s technology in several pieces, not always in the correct order – you know those text messages where you have to figure out which part of the string came first and make some semblance of sense out of it!

I also knew that the receiver does not have (or want) the bandwidth for that. (And no worries, I was not planning to send it off at 3 am. That is – well – not cool, disrespectful unless you are absolutely sure the notification sound is off on the receiving end.)

So I tried something. Remembering the instructions I had pulled up on Google about a year ago, I highlighted the entire message and noticed that there were options (just as the instructions had said) to cut copy or paste that showed up as I pressed my finger to the screen. The instructions finally made sense! I had tried this before (or so I thought) with no success.

I pushed copy and then I went to the and location where it was going, pressed my finger briefly on the screen and the word paste showed up. I put that word with my finger and voila! The desired words were now in a space where they maintained their integrity and could be saved! The highlight of my week!!

The technology dots always eventually connect for me.

Always! I was a late bloomer into this realm, and it is never too late!

Last night I played some more practice with the cut/copy/paste function on my tiny technology. I am becoming quite proficient! I just now moved something in a paragraph to another place in the same paragraph! I wish you could all feel the excitement of that for me!!

This has been a missing piece for me! It is the difference between being able to write something on my phone and share it with the world or having to wait until I get to my laptop to do anything!

I could run an empire from this tiny piece of technology!

Last month I watched a dear friend  command “Okay Google” of his phone (identical to mine), then ask question after question about whatever sparked his interest, never daunted that the information he was seeking didn’t show up the first second or third time. He just refined the question, refined it again and kept refining until it was specific enough to elicit the information that he was looking for.

I’ve had that same device he has for about as long (I got it first and yes it does matter) and never knew you could do that. I’ve been typing into my search bar, slow and tedious  on the tiny keyboard.

Last week, quite by accident, I discovered that I can hold down on the bar at the bottom of the phone and Google search comes up … just that simple! And then it is as simple as  “Ok Google, find ____”  I love fine tuning the search instructions until it brings up the exact information I’m looking for.

That is relevant life teaching as relates to search engine optimization. It is teaching me how to think like a website visitor and translate that experience into the creation process.  What kinds of things are people (me included) plugging in the search bar to find the thing they are looking for? What kinds of things (besides your name) might people plug into the search bar to find you?

It translates to how do I make it easier for them to find me (or my clients)? The more I play with the search bar, the more I know how to fine tune the search parameters, the better able I am to build that into my clients’ sites and teach them how to build it in once I’ve completed the work.

The more clarity there is in the question, the more clarity there will be in the answer.

Haven’t you found that to be so?