Deep Unfiltered Connection

Deep Unfiltered Connection


I have not been this excited about a post for a long time!

Two and a half years ago, I met a beautiful human traveling a similar path. I have yet to meet him in person.

The religions we were shaking off were different and similar at the same time, both based in a way of viewing life through the christian bible. We met through the Dream Builder program created by Mary Morrisey and soon after that he invited me to participate in an group that he and two others had set up to create a smaller more intimate way of sharing our dream journeys.

At the time, it was an imperative for me to continue my journey towards understanding Universal Law … the how of it all. I had completed the spiritual abuse core in Retracing Sequence Method, and was working through the deep genetics that block access to True Love.

So much of my religious programming just falling away. Completely. So much so that there came a point about a year later where I simply could not continue in that work. The premise of the process is the infallible nature of the traditional biblical approach and that no longer resonated in my being as truth. I knew as I did when I left it the first time, there is more to this story. The process had allowed me to reopen my mind to deeper layers of what is.

It felt good to be back home in my own Knowing, sans the programming that had fucked with me from underground all of my adult life until I chose to look it in the eye and it for what it was. I talked frequently with Amazawa Sha for a time and those conversations helped anchor the knowing I was reconnecting with.

Amazawa Sha goes all in with everything he does. Gentle and all in.

We don’t talk often these days, yet every time we connect, it is as if no time passed and all time has passed. I generally leave each conversation uplifted and inspired.

Monday’s conversation took that to a whole new level! He is embarking on a journey to find his Soul family, soul tribe. Me being me might (would) reframe that to read that  he’s on a journey to meet his soul family …  because I swear he’s met many of us already – we just have I have yet to meet physically. There are many like that in his life.

I asked him if he was uploading his updates to his website ( He is not yet … and!

He gave me permission to share his journey with you. It is all of our journey! The time is Now.

This gets my juices flowing! He’s been posting on Facebook about his journey to find his soul tribe. I am ecstatically excited to pass it on to you and to create a space on my website just for his journey with the intention of making it easy to shift the content to his website when the time feels right for him.

The page is not quite ready …

In the meantime this week’s post is the first leg, the first pieces he wrote on March 8th.  I’m so excited and honored that he’s allowing me to be part of this in this way. He’s telling OUR story, all of ours.

Our story of moving into the fullness of who we each are and saying each in our own way, Fuck it! I HAVE to do this or “die” trying because to not do it feels like walking dead.

Our story of moving into deeply connected intimate relationships at all levels, whatever it takes. We have deep soul longing for depth of intimate connection.

At the end is a link to a music video by Ziggy Marley – My Religion is Love, that grabbed my heart today,  posted by Amazawa today … my happy Saturday to me can’t stop dancing to it music.

Love is IT guys! LOVE is IT!!

Here are Amazawa’s first two #journeytofindmysoulfamily posts, published on FB March 8, 2017.

“This morning I woke up with a realization that my awareness had shifted yet again.
For the last year, I focused on a formula for creating abundance that went like this:
Money follows value; value follows passion; passion follows doing what I love.
It worked. I created the money I wanted to live the life I wanted. However, this morning I realized that I no longer linked abundance with money. And, I no longer linked value with a product or service that I provide to the world.
Instead, abundance means how much I love my life, and value means how important something is to ME.
So, my formula now goes like this:
Abundance follows value; value follows passion; passion follows going directly for what makes me happy.
What I want most right now is to find my soul family. I believe that is what will make me the most happy. So, I am getting ready to travel the world to find them. It will be an interesting experiment on how my new abundance formula will work.
Yes, I feel like I am about to step off the cliff and see if the invisible bridge is there. ”




“I thought it might be fun to post progress on my journey to find my soul family. Along the way, I  would love to meet nearby Facebook friends if they are so inclined.
My journey will start in April. My first stop is Fullerton CA. I will arrive on April 6th. On the 8th I will attend my cousin’s wedding in Long Beach.
My next stop is Toronto, Canada. I will arrive on April 13th. For the next 6 days, I will facilitate a Safe Haven Retreat with my soul sister there.
After the Retreat, I want to roam around the Toronto / Great Lakes area for another week or so.
In May, I want to stay at Mount Shasta and take some horseback riding lessons. May would be a good month to come visit me at Mount Shasta.
In June, I would like to start my tour of Europe. I think it would be fun to explore by rail when I get there.
Currently, my favorite energy is water energy. I know things are always fluid and the best plans for me are the ones that are flexible. I have set my intentions; now I will see how things unfold.”

And here is the delicious happy sound of Ziggy Marley!


Much much love to us all ~~~

You can connect with Amazawa on his FaceBook timeline or at

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