Deadlines Rock!

I LOVE deadlines!

Not sayin’ I want a life filled with nothing but – that would take the free out of free spirit – and yet, who knew!

I’m working with Noelle Amendola, a powerful dream creator to create a bran new website that will express who she and her husband are in the world. And we have a deadline! She is ramping up to launch the next round of her School of Dreamers, (which starts in June) and that launch begins May 1st. When I read her deadline request, it was like YES!! I danced big heart dance! Is it an adrenaline rush, maybe?

This makes it so real!! We are working towards real time launch and WOW!!! It is so exciting to me!!

What that immediately means is that the finished version of the Love Deep Design website is delayed. And that raises questions. One of the things that I’ve been hoping to cultivate here is dialog, so I put a question out to my mentors in the Web Designer Beauty School: Is it possible to publish the blog page of my site and keep the rest on maintenance mode?

Turns out it is! As I suspected, the Ultimate Coming Soon Pro plugin makes it a very simple process. I spent most of Thursday setting that up and working out the most apparent bugs, deciding what is immediately important to include this week and what can wait. I had most of it worked out before I got the answer from Katy Martin. Her answer added fullness to the process. That’s the beauty of questions. You pose them, give them shape and the answers arrive. That is the way of it! I LOVE questions!!

As an example of what can wait, at first I wanted the footer to be perfect with everything I wanted there up and looking exactly as I imagined: a list of recent blog posts, pages, a search tool, and social media links. Then my inner voice was like,

Hold up!! Where will people land when they click on the page links? They’ll land on the coming soon page. And the recent blog posts? They are not immediately necessary because, well, they are readily apparent! So for now, just the bare essentials. The social media links are important yet not immediately essential so they will come within a week or two.

Web design triage at work!

Lori Arveson, thanks for the “push” to the answer! This has been rumbling in my head around for about a month.

When I say that you all are my beta testers, you truly are!

Blessings to you all and see you next week!!

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