Cutting the Umbilical Cord

Cutting the Umbilical Cord - Bird flying free

I am excited to be diving 100% into my next project. It has been gestating as I completed the website for DKS Consulting Group.

There’s a place in my brain towards the back where I feel the gestation occurring. I’ve taken in the information needed and now it assimilates, sometimes coming to the forefront for some play. It percolates a bit more and there’s a point where  I cannot myself from the expression onto the screen (and must).

I have not looked to see if that area of the brain where I feel this has anything at all to do with creativity – it probably does. What I do know is that’s how my brain processes. I feel my brain taking in the information and putting it where it needs to go percolate while I’m doing other things. It is almost orgasmic when it starts to express.

And now I get to bring the next digital creation forth. I’ll be working with different colors, different energy, different everything. I also have  a crazy  amount of new information that I am elated to incorporate into the design and development process.

There’s a relationship that happens as you collaborate with clients to create and birth the digital home for their dream. I’ve talked about it before and I’m noticing now, a year later,  that the relationship is not just with the clients but with the website itself. It is always a little hard to say goodbye to the creation and turn it over to the owners.

So I cut the umbilical cord and keep a close eye for a month to make sure the creation stays as healthy as it can be.


I use this to dissolve my attachment and any cords I may have attached to the new website and turn it over (again) to the Divine, blessing it, blessing the ones to whom I’ve turned it over, blessing all who will visit.

I also offer a maintenance package for those who’s skills and time are better used in ways that are lined up with their zone of genius, a term coined by Gay Hendricks in The Big Leap

As the umbilical cord to the completed site is cut, it opens the space for the next design to come forth.

My commitment to myself this round is to be very aware of when I’m focusing on everything that I think I should be know and be doing if I were a”real” web designer and instead choose to dance in the creative play with everything that I do know, what I do bring. Keeping that focus allows me to open to receive new info, new ways of doing this and revel in the play of it!

And it begins again!!

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