Cultivate Your Sparkle

“Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”

These are the words on the coffee cup my sister in law gave me for my 60th birthday. This morning, I read them as I was preparing my coffee and whispered “Yeah.  Especially you.  Don’t dull your own sparkle. Don’t dim the sparkle!

Don’t dim the sparkle.

I dim the sparkle by focusing on past or future.  By mentally leaving present moment. By stepping outside of Awareness, of Presence. By giving the authority, the response-ability for my life to an illusive force outside of myself. By choosing to believe that I am separate from  the Life Force that pulses through me with every heartbeat.

In those words is a key to the flow with that which appears to dim the sparkle. The shortening days of winter, of less and less light can be a  time to go deeply inward, to cultivate union with my sparkle in the darkest of seasons.  Now.

Usually as Winter Solstice approaches,

I wait with great anticipation for that click back into increasing light.  For me it is a palpable sense of relief.  The light is increasing now. All is well.  I almost hold my breath in the waiting. (The wait starts when the clocks fall back.) If I can just make it to that click .  I always do, resistance to the season changes and all.

What happens if instead of constricting and resisting this period, I simply choose to flow with the natural order of things and relish this time of decreasing light? Breathing it in and breathing into it.

What happens when I choose to cultivate my relationship with that sparkle, the Life Force Energy that expresses as pure pleasure through my body AS I simply allow Presence to have its way in whatever way it needs?

This is what happens.

I get up at three or four when the urge to do is strong. I go into my creative space and start creating.  I love the wee hours for that and this waning light period with clocks on standard time is mwaaaaahhh!!

I fall into bed much earlier except of when the Golden State Warriors are playing a potentially close televised game that goes later. Then I nap so I can stay awake for the best part.  Priorities !

My rhythm changes to meet the season smoothly if I simply  allow it.  It is pure pleasure as I allow it to simply be what it is, meeting the sparkle on its terms rather than forcing it to meet me on mine.

Quiet bliss.

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