Connecting Strings of Code and ….

I have a passion and a love for connecting strings of code and seeing what I can create on the screen.

How do I make this user friendly and easy on the eyes?

Is it my eyes that count or the eyes of my client’s ideal visitor?

While I am working on a site, my true clients are the clients and visitors of the one who hired me to create their site.  It becomes important the my clients are  crazy clear on who it is they’re serving. That group becomes my focus point.

So when you are considering hiring me to create the digital face of your dream it is also imperative to understand that your website is serving your visitors. People you may never ever see or hear from.  How do you want your website to touch those people?

What is it that you want to convey to your visitors? What are they looking for on your site (read from you) that they are not able to find any where?

I have been asking myself (and you in my head)   “Why do I care about your message? Tell me why I care about your message.” Totally appropriate when I am the site visitor looking for a specific answer. Totally misleading  for me as the designer/developer of your site. I don’t need to care about your message from the perspective personally being a potential client.   I’m not your targeted visitor or your potential client.

Particularly if you are 30-40 something person with the answer that found you, that freed your from your pain, now driven  to bring the answer that found you to others who live in the pain you are now free from.  Your mission.  Your purpose.   Your dream to bring that answer to the world in a big and palpable way.

I simply need to know how to bring your dream onto the screen in a way that calls to those who are your ideal clients. The ones who live in that pain that you are now free from. My job is to package your dream into digitally visible form in a way that draws those clients to you, not to get too wrapped up in the specifics of your dream.  Part of my job is to view the site I am creating for you through the eyes of the ones your visitors.

Is it easy to navigate?  Is your message clear?  Is the next step to take clear?  Is there one primary step and maybe a second on each page that follow in a logical to your visitor flow?

This means that I have to step out of the way. That isn’t always easy. In fact it is downright difficult for for a control freak with an editor’s eye and a penchant for perfection [as perceived by my eyes 😉 ] Bit of a dilemma wouldn’t  you say?  It is my growth edge.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount there is to learn and my late entry into this particular learning curve.  It is my growth edge …..

At the same time that I have this passion and love for connecting strings of code and creating usable beauty from that, I have a deep deep almost insatiable need to connect with the Divine within and then to share that process through the words that I write. A passion for stringing words together to express how that connection to Divine Beloved is for me. It feels as though the words make it real and if the words that come through me touch you where you live, even better. It makes everything worth it.

I will  always make a connection between what is occurring in my physical reality with what is going on behind the scenes in my nonphysical reality. In the realm of cause. Both are significant. Both are real.

Which means that every project I take on is a sweet opportunity for growth.

How do I combine the two passions? That is what I am working out here in these weekly offerings. I am not completely sure to be honest.

Meanwhile I follow  the flow of deep peace and deep joy.  Ironically, sometimes (often?) that path leads straight through  ‘not peace’ ‘not joy’ to the heart of the flow.

Yep!! That’s an offering for another day.