Value and Worth

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I Can't Stay Angry (and I Wish I Could)

By Deborah Penner / February 11, 2018

I can’t stay mad at the One who a month ago told me he needed space after talking pretty much every day – every other day. No more than two days went by without us connecting for tiny moments. We have been on again off again for 13 years. Maybe 13 is the number of…

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Satisfaction – Unlearning Learned Deprivation

By Deborah Penner / May 7, 2017

Early last week, specifically  on 4/25, Dena Lynn, a Facebook and now a present “time-space-now” friend with whom I enjoy crazy laughter and coffee  (maybe not in that order and ~ yeah ~ definitely not in that order) wrote a post on FB that gripped me … Her words: “I was taught to not want.…

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Keeping the Slates of Our Minds Clear

By Deborah Penner / April 9, 2017

I initially wrote a part of this for my post day in a Facebook Group for women, started by Leigh Hurst, of Purposeful Living Healing Center in Reno, Nevada. We were asked to create a list of people we needed to forgive and then burn it. I resisted. I cannot tell you how many lists…

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Taking Stock of the Year

Fearless Balance with a Twist of Bounce

By Deborah Penner / December 18, 2016

As  part of the Web Designer Strategy Academy beta group, I am taking stock of everything in my life this month and looking at how it has evolved and changed. I’ve always been reluctant to do this, believing that it would be depressing to see what did not happen for me. Instead, while there are…

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Cutting the Umbilical Cord - Bird flying free

Cutting the Umbilical Cord

By Deborah Penner / May 15, 2016

I am excited to be diving 100% into my next project. It has been gestating as I completed the website for DKS Consulting Group. There’s a place in my brain towards the back where I feel the gestation occurring. I’ve taken in the information needed and now it assimilates, sometimes coming to the forefront for…

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Web Designer Rite of Passage

Web Designer Rite of Passage

By Deborah Penner / March 27, 2016

What a week! Oh my goodness! I went through a web designer rite of passage over the past couple days. Truth be told it’s been over the past two weeks. Last week I changed hosts. This week I did an update (and was immensely thankful for the change of hosts when the update did not…

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Magical Moments

By Deborah Penner / March 6, 2016

I am so excited! This week, I sat down with a new client in one of my favorite local coffee shops, to work out some of the specifics of our project together. This is so much fun! She is a former colleague who I just adored working with and now we are collaborating to bring…

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How You Do One Thing

How You Do One Thing ….

By Deborah Penner / February 27, 2016

How you do one thing is how you do everything. I’m not certain of the origin of this phrase. I heard it seven or eight years ago and it has stayed with me. Through a ton of resistance (at first it felt like a definitive judgment of the state of my life), then beginning to…

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I ran out of coffee ….

By Deborah Penner / November 22, 2015

  I have been experiencing a fierce and intense fear response to pretty much everything this week. It did not dissipate with sleep. In fact, it interfered with sleep. So every time I gave  my body more coffee, my body ramped up and after awhile, it wouldn’t come down.  It stayed on high alert. That…

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Recalibrating to Pleasure and Joy

By Deborah Penner / November 1, 2015

I am recalibrating my default from pain to pleasure.   This means that rather than wander predominantly in direction of pain, as they have, my thoughts and the feelings that follow ( or my feelings and thoughts that follow) will now wander predominantly in the direction of joy and pleasure. It feels like a marathon…

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