New Every Morning

New Every Morning

By Deborah Penner / March 13, 2016

I have no idea why I feel compelled to share the things I share with you. It is seemingly so unrelated to web design. Marketing wisdom says write about what you do. Create great content around what you do. Answer your readers questions. Offer solutions to the things that keep them up at night. And…

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Love ~ From My Heart to Yours

By Deborah Penner / February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day Whether it’s a happy day for you or a sad day, whether you believe in it or not, whether it irritates the whatever out of you … Happy Valentine’s Day! Take the romantic love out of the scenario and celebrate pure true Love this day. The kind of love that drives out…

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Pleasure as Healer

By Deborah Penner / February 7, 2016

  Autobiography of An Orgasm, by Betsy Blankenbaker is a gift of love to the world. It is a total life changer for me. It  moved me back into the space of owning my pleasure, this time at a completely new level.  As I read the book the first time this past summer, I recognized…

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The Pleasure of Writing

Pleasure with a Twist

By Deborah Penner / January 31, 2016

Today I am giving myself over to the pleasure of writing, to the pleasure of creating with deep focus.  I have all day. There is something delicious thinking about giving myself over to it.  Choosing to be fully present to the process of not only writing this article but creating the experience of reading it…

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Late to the 2015 Goodbye Party (and a tiny gift)

By Deborah Penner / January 10, 2016

Goodbye 2015! Thank you for all that you have brought me over the course of the  365 days that were yours! The time has been rich! The experiences contained within it have touched both ends of the feelings spectrum – exhilarating on one hand and  deeply despondent on the other and all points between. Nothing…

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Intimate Communion

By Deborah Penner / December 21, 2015

May we know the deep pleasure of intimate communion with the Force of Love that pulses through every atom and cell of our bodies. In the depth of our loneliness (or busy-ness) may we recognize that everything ~ e v e r y t h i n g ~ we desire to come to us…

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Ignored Nudges

By Deborah Penner / November 29, 2015

As I closed last weeks offering, I had the urge write a quick note at the end giving myself Thanksgiving weekend off. I had a full week of writing and celebrating with whatever family showed up ahead and it felt right. I talked myself out of the urge and am now wishing I had not.…

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Cultivate Your Sparkle

By Deborah Penner / November 14, 2015

“Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” These are the words on the coffee cup my sister in law gave me for my 60th birthday. This morning, I read them as I was preparing my coffee and whispered “Yeah.  Especially you.  Don’t dull your own sparkle. Don’t dim the sparkle! Don’t dim the sparkle. I dim…

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Catch, Love, Release

By Deborah Penner / October 25, 2015

I love this rose.  It arrived broken off and shorter than the others. There are signs of battle on the outer petals.  Yet it opens, exposing its inner beauty.  There is perfection in the outer petals as they open to display the inner layers. The funny thing about writing is that I often get an opportunity…

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An Invitation to Trust Your No Trust

By Deborah Penner / September 20, 2015

  “Accept your non-acceptance. Surrender to your lack of surrender. Trust your inability to trust. Sometimes you have to lose your path to find it. Let go of the destination; let the moment be your faithful guide.” Jeff Foster (   This piece posted a few days ago by Jeff Foster on his FaceBook page…

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