Solitarty man in coffee shop, gazing out window.

When All Else Fails, Stop.

By Deborah Penner / November 6, 2016

When all else fails, stop. Maybe even before you do the “all else”. Pause. Change the trajectory in your mind. Give yourself a change of venue. It shifts the tone of your self talk and allows for the solution to show itself. I inadvertently killed my website Tuesday. As I was cloning a site to…

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When I Forget that I Am My First Love

By Deborah Penner / September 20, 2016

There’s a man who I love dearly with everything I have. I have for the past 11 years. No matter what has gone on between us, the love remains. But when I love him dearly with everything I have and after awhile forget that I am my first love, I forget also that I am…

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Empty (and Brimming with Life)

By Deborah Penner / July 31, 2016

I am empty this week. Empty. It’s a good place to be as we move through the final phase of this moon and into that in between space between the old and the new, past and future … and isn’t that where everything is always happening? In the perceived in between place – right here…

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Sometimes Bed Whacking is the Only Thing

By Deborah Penner / July 17, 2016

Now is powerful! I’m beginning to recognize this a completely new way, this full on power of current moment. The fact is that it is all I have. Now is when I get to choose my response to life as it shows up and set my vibrational tone. My projections into the future aka worry…

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Surrender into the Muck

By Deborah Penner / June 19, 2016

I see myself and what I do with eyes of Love. This mantra/affirmation/whatever name works for you is still carrying me as I navigate the last week of the Mars tripping back through Scorpio in retrograde.   It is a deep deep drag of old muck that I am called from within to surrender to…

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The Heart Knows

By Deborah Penner / May 22, 2016

The Heart Knows. There’s a place in the heart that knows without knowing how it knows. It simply knows. I call it the deep heart. I’ve often said the words “My head knows but my heart hasn’t caught up yet.” It could be about anything. It could be about a relationship, it could be about…

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Love Desires Movement

Love Deeply Rooted in the Body Desires Movement

By Deborah Penner / May 1, 2016

Love Deeply Rooted in the body desires movement. It is a dynamic energy, always moving even in the deepest stillness. Three weeks ago, I stepped back onto the ecstatic dance floor for the first time in over 6 years. Nervous. In physical pain through much of the body before I even started, wondering if that…

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Breath as Dance

When Life Leaves the Body, Dance

By Deborah Penner / April 11, 2016

When Life Leaves the body of a loved one, dance!  Because you can. Let your breath be the dance if that’s all you’ve got and move because it is still in you to move. Today, I am getting mentally and emotionally ready to drive up to the memorial service tomorrow for one of my cousins,…

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Deep Heart Community

Long Awaited Birth of a Dream

By Deborah Penner / April 10, 2016

  A dream I have held since arriving in Corvallis was birthed on March 31 2016.   It has been eight and a half years. For the first three or four of those I placed colored post-its at eye level in various parts of my apartment. Cultivate physical community. It felt like it would never…

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Just Breathe

Fear and the Edge of the Comfort Zone

By Deborah Penner / April 3, 2016

This is a moment in time of deep deep stretch, out of Every. Single. Comfort. Zone. I. Know.   A long moment in time. It looks and tastes like the fear end of the excitement/fear spectrum more of the time. For now. When you start to stretch yourself even a tiny bit beyond the comfort…

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