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Empty hammock on quiet beach. with words "Go gently. Endings always morph into beginnings."

Endings into Beginnings

By Deborah Penner / March 4, 2019

We’re in the Balsamic phase of the moon (or waning crescent). For the 18 years that I’ve been aware of moon cycles, it has been about releasing into the space between. That sliver of space between the end and the beginning … the space between exhale and inhale. My favorite of all the phases, where…

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Image of moon sliver on black background with words "Eighth House Balsamic Moon in Cancer"

Cancer Moon, Eighth House Transit

By Deborah Penner / August 9, 2018

Haha!! First thought after reading just this first sentence of today’s  Moonnote by Heidi Rose Robbins? “Believe it or not, the Moon stays in CANCER void of course again until 9:18pm pacific time when it moves into Leo.” Well fuck me now! Actually that would not be such a bad idea if there was somebody…

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