Right or Wrong Doesn't Matter

By Deborah Penner / July 24, 2016

So here’s what I’m noticing. I wake up in the morning and it feels good to get out of bed. It is easy to hold myself in a feel good place.   This morning I woke up knowing that the only thing that’s important is to be Love Itself in the midst of absolutely everything.…

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Sometimes Bed Whacking is the Only Thing

By Deborah Penner / July 17, 2016

Now is powerful! I’m beginning to recognize this a completely new way, this full on power of current moment. The fact is that it is all I have. Now is when I get to choose my response to life as it shows up and set my vibrational tone. My projections into the future aka worry…

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Love with an Edge

By Deborah Penner / July 10, 2016

I have been inspired to adjust the fonts on my website. I’ve noticed that the sweet almost pristine Over the Rainbow font that I’ve used for the logo and the headlines no longer expresses the place that I inhabit. Because love, while it has a sweetness to it, also comes with a razor sharp restless…

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Movement as Medicine

When Dance is More than Dance

By Deborah Penner / June 26, 2016

Last Saturday I danced with the evolving Corvallis Ecstatic Dance tribe.  It was smooth, it felt fluid, and it was  beautiful in it’s messiness. The venue was reminiscent of the space I danced in every Saturday in LA and I was in heaven. For the first hour my body led the dance. I felt connected…

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Surrender into the Muck

By Deborah Penner / June 19, 2016

I see myself and what I do with eyes of Love. This mantra/affirmation/whatever name works for you is still carrying me as I navigate the last week of the Mars tripping back through Scorpio in retrograde.   It is a deep deep drag of old muck that I am called from within to surrender to…

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Dancing Between Love and Fear

Dancing Between Love and Fear

By Deborah Penner / June 12, 2016

I am going to keep talking about this because it feels really good to do that. I did not recognize how deeply ensconced in fear I have been until deciding that feeling really really (really)  good is more important than anything else.  As I have done that, and allowed the feelings of stability, love, clarity,…

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Choosing to Live Turned On

By Deborah Penner / June 5, 2016

I am having so much fun practicing the vibration of feeling good. Noticing when I don’t and moving it up a notch just because it feels really good to do that. For no other reason. Last week I wrote about the choice to give my focus to pleasure, to the practice of feeling good no…

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Sensations of Pleasure

Allowing the Sensations of Pleasure

By Deborah Penner / May 29, 2016

What if I made pleasure my complete focus, allowing everything else to show up as it shows up? Attaching no meaning to the sensation, whichever end of the spectrum it is on,  choosing instead a simple allowing of the sensations, dancing through this life in a state of pleasure in the midst of everything going…

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The Heart Knows

By Deborah Penner / May 22, 2016

The Heart Knows. There’s a place in the heart that knows without knowing how it knows. It simply knows. I call it the deep heart. I’ve often said the words “My head knows but my heart hasn’t caught up yet.” It could be about anything. It could be about a relationship, it could be about…

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Cutting the Umbilical Cord - Bird flying free

Cutting the Umbilical Cord

By Deborah Penner / May 15, 2016

I am excited to be diving 100% into my next project. It has been gestating as I completed the website for DKS Consulting Group. There’s a place in my brain towards the back where I feel the gestation occurring. I’ve taken in the information needed and now it assimilates, sometimes coming to the forefront for…

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