Woman relaxing in a wicker chair, tending to the flow of wellbeing

Renewed Focus on What Matters (It's Not What You Think)

By Deborah Penner / November 13, 2016

I learned something crucial this week … For better or worse, my default is to go to worst case scenario. My children have been telling me this for most of their lives. I thought it was just them being my kids and playing devil’s advocate because that is what kids do. Turns out there was…

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Solitarty man in coffee shop, gazing out window.

When All Else Fails, Stop.

By Deborah Penner / November 6, 2016

When all else fails, stop. Maybe even before you do the “all else”. Pause. Change the trajectory in your mind. Give yourself a change of venue. It shifts the tone of your self talk and allows for the solution to show itself. I inadvertently killed my website Tuesday. As I was cloning a site to…

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When I Forget that I Am My First Love

By Deborah Penner / September 20, 2016

There’s a man who I love dearly with everything I have. I have for the past 11 years. No matter what has gone on between us, the love remains. But when I love him dearly with everything I have and after awhile forget that I am my first love, I forget also that I am…

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The Man of Firsts

By Deborah Penner / September 11, 2016

This week I downloaded Pam Grout’s newest book,   Thank and Grow Rich, onto my Kindle. She’s not talking about amassing money by being thankful although that is, I’m told, a sweet side effect. She’s talking about cultivating the deepest of awareness that everything is here for us. Every experience, every person in our path, every…

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Delight in my Truest Til Death Do Us Part Partner

By Deborah Penner / September 4, 2016

Learning to live and move in deep partnership, in the deepest of love with my truest til death do us part partner delights me. One of the longings of my heart now that I’ve shifted back into a place where I know that I can move in solitude on the dance floor, is to begin…

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Expand the Perimeter of Your Visual Field

By Deborah Penner / August 28, 2016

Look up. Look out. Expand the perimeter of your visual field. Let the beauty of what’s present now make itself known. Give it the space to be known in your present awareness.   Earlier this week, I had an epiphany experience as I was walking up the path to my apartment. The path in my…

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Wildly Delighted by My Tiny Technology!

By Deborah Penner / August 21, 2016

This piece of tiny technology that I hold in my hand? Oh my word! I continue to learn how to maneuver in this space! I am wildly delighted by every new discovery I make about it! Today, I’m laughing at myself just a little because it’s taken me until this week to fully understand how…

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That Thin Line Between Fear and Excitement

By Deborah Penner / August 14, 2016

Investigating the thin line between fear and excitement, Feeling the difference in the internal landscape that is me. Feeling the tilt in my system from excitement to the fear, What thought pushed excitement over into fear? Is there another way to experience it, another way to perceive it? Could I have stopped the careen into…

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Give in to the Pleasure of Acceptance

By Deborah Penner / August 6, 2016

You know how they say that you can never go back? They’re wrong! You can. You can bring all that old stuff up front and center again and again as often as you want. It feels just as if it were going on now. There is a purpose in it at first, and then question…

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Empty (and Brimming with Life)

By Deborah Penner / July 31, 2016

I am empty this week. Empty. It’s a good place to be as we move through the final phase of this moon and into that in between space between the old and the new, past and future … and isn’t that where everything is always happening? In the perceived in between place – right here…

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