Reinventing "Old School"

Reinventing "Old School"

By Deborah Penner / January 22, 2017

  Someone told me recently that I am old school. Me. Old school. Mind blown. It is not a term I’ve ever applied to myself. It was followed by  “That’s what’s cool about you …” What? It felt like a blow off … and in that moment, it probably was. My friend was not interested…

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Snow Falling

Surrender Into Deep Freeze (aka Stillness)

By Deborah Penner / January 8, 2017

I spent some time  Saturday morning journaling about the positive aspects of icy roads, feeling stuck at home and solitude bordering at times on isolation. If everything is always working out for me (and it is) the roads should be clear so I can drive on them, dammit! Isolation isn’t good for me! Everyone knows…

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What If?

By Deborah Penner / January 1, 2017

What if , moment by moment in 2017, I abandoned all sense of limit and allowed myself to experience full-on Bliss in whatever way it makes itself known to me as defined by me and the moment? What if? What could open up? What does that level of freedom feel like? And can I have…

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Joyfilled Holidays to you

Joy Beneath the Chaos?

By Deborah Penner / December 25, 2016

Joy filled holidays from my heart to yours. I would love to be sitting across from you at Starbucks or Imagine Coffee (an artist’s haven in my area) or at Emily’s Beanery (the name my beautiful friend Bethlyn and I lovingly give to the Beanery near Market of Choice in Corvallis) having deep conversation. I…

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Taking Stock of the Year

Fearless Balance with a Twist of Bounce

By Deborah Penner / December 18, 2016

As  part of the Web Designer Strategy Academy beta group, I am taking stock of everything in my life this month and looking at how it has evolved and changed. I’ve always been reluctant to do this, believing that it would be depressing to see what did not happen for me. Instead, while there are…

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Breathe it In, Dance it Through

Breathe it In, Dance it Through

By Deborah Penner / December 11, 2016

Breathe it in, dance it through. Breath it in. Dance it through. Permission to feel it … whatever it is, to breathe it in, to dance it through. I started this morning as I woke up and yesterday jumped in almost instantly … and the day before and before … a series of intense and…

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Zen Garden

Leaning In To those Intuitive Urges

By Deborah Penner / December 4, 2016

Late Thursday morning, I felt squashed in a vice of worry … worry bordering on panic that I might not be able to figure out the coding to make the website I am finishing up look amazing on tiny technology without having to make time consuming changes. Worry that if I didn’t stop worrying I’d…

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Fierce Tiger Head with words Love is Fierce

Get Over It!

By Deborah Penner / November 20, 2016

No matter what “it” is, there is someone somewhere who will disapprove of you, who will judge you as bad for your desire, your viewpoint, your way of coping, your way of processing, the fact that you process at all … the list goes on and on. There is a point where I must without…

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Woman relaxing in a wicker chair, tending to the flow of wellbeing

Renewed Focus on What Matters (It's Not What You Think)

By Deborah Penner / November 13, 2016

I learned something crucial this week … For better or worse, my default is to go to worst case scenario. My children have been telling me this for most of their lives. I thought it was just them being my kids and playing devil’s advocate because that is what kids do. Turns out there was…

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Solitarty man in coffee shop, gazing out window.

When All Else Fails, Stop.

By Deborah Penner / November 6, 2016

When all else fails, stop. Maybe even before you do the “all else”. Pause. Change the trajectory in your mind. Give yourself a change of venue. It shifts the tone of your self talk and allows for the solution to show itself. I inadvertently killed my website Tuesday. As I was cloning a site to…

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