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Satisfaction – Unlearning Learned Deprivation

By Deborah Penner / May 7, 2017

Early last week, specifically  on 4/25, Dena Lynn, a Facebook and now a present “time-space-now” friend with whom I enjoy crazy laughter and coffee  (maybe not in that order and ~ yeah ~ definitely not in that order) wrote a post on FB that gripped me … Her words: “I was taught to not want.…

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Pair of human hands giving water on sunset - allowing the receiving

Momentum is Never Locked In

By Deborah Penner / April 30, 2017

I approve of myself. A very long time ago, at least 28 years, when I first got my hands on Louise Hays’ You Can Heal Your Life, I started repeating these words over and over and over again.  It didn’t always feel very good and it definitely didn’t feel very true. At that time I…

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Woman on roof releasing dove w words Release into Love

Self Judgment is Physically Painful

By Deborah Penner / April 23, 2017

Self judgment is physically painful. I discovered that in an unavoidable way one night  a few weeks back as I almost unconsciously (until it became conscious) slammed myself over and over again with one judgment after another. It felt so normal, this judgment. Normal. Routine. For a while, the judgement came in the voice of…

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Ancient knarled tree on coastline

Fierce Love in New Forms

By Deborah Penner / April 16, 2017

A letter to Noelle Marie Amendola  (originally intended for her eyes only) in response the this week’s Coffee Time.   Oh my word, Noelle! So much in this week’s Coffee Time resonated with me … Particularly the one little bud of the Love you have for Vince that (of course) survived the blaze of clearing…

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A Hand reaching from inside and opening the lock .

Keeping the Slates of Our Minds Clear

By Deborah Penner / April 9, 2017

I initially wrote a part of this for my post day in a Facebook Group for women, started by Leigh Hurst, of Purposeful Living Healing Center in Reno, Nevada. We were asked to create a list of people we needed to forgive and then burn it. I resisted. I cannot tell you how many lists…

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Wet Beach Sand - Life is Good.

Live Your Life Already!

By Deborah Penner / April 2, 2017

This talk about enlightenment and ascension, giving the sense of hierarchy. It doesn’t resonate with me! Perhaps it’s the semantics of it that doesn’t resonate. That’s probably it. What does resonate with me is this. I live in a body. I am Source energy living in a physically expressed body Created by me for my…

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Kid peeking through fence - get curious

Slow Down. Get Curious.

By Deborah Penner / March 26, 2017

Try not to sink into habitual sadness at the first hint of it. Instead, get curious. Notice the sensation of sadness for what it is: an indicator. Begin to question it. Notice instead that you could simply sink into your heart, into love. No matter what else wants its voice. Notice that first! Notice that.…

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Deep Unfiltered Connection

Deep Unfiltered Connection

By Deborah Penner / March 19, 2017

  I have not been this excited about a post for a long time! Two and a half years ago, I met a beautiful human traveling a similar path. I have yet to meet him in person. The religions we were shaking off were different and similar at the same time, both based in a…

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Multi-colored stars ... shattered

Welcome to my Sweet Shattering

By Deborah Penner / March 5, 2017

I learned something this week. Simple in its essence, and profound in its effect. Do do the opposite of what you would normally do when you are wanting to make a change and everything in you is resisting, when the part of your brain that is designed to protect you from change is doing its…

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Love Notes To My Small Self

By Deborah Penner / February 26, 2017

I have come to love my love notes to myself. Opening my journal this afternoon again, getting ready to write and landing on the page that said this: “Could you let the experience that you have of Me be unique to you, new, fresh everyday, every moment?” Remembering the moment that thought landed into my…

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